Family, friends, food, parties, traveling….all of these things we look forward to around this time of year...’tis the season! However, having a newborn baby can definitely make these next few weeks during the holidays a bit more...challenging to manage....
They say, there’s no bad weather as long as you have the right gear. And this is true with kids too...you just have to decide on your own threshold for winter fun. For some of us that's 20 degrees,...
I have four children, or maybe five, I don’t know - I lost count. Whether you have two or seven, anything more than one child makes all the sound parenting advice from well-meaning grocery store ladies seem downright comical....
Breastfeeding. Just the word can stir up strong emotions. Fear, joy, sadness, the list goes on... The actual task can be even more daunting but it doesn't have to be.
The gist is that like many mammals, babies are born with the ability to hold their pee and poop the same way adults do. When we put diapers on babies they loose this ability and learn to poop and pee freely into their diapers. Then they have to relearn how to hold it again later in life. However if they use this ability in the first six months of life then they can keep it and transition to using the toilet easily. Seems simple right?
Kids grow up fast. And their tastes and experiences are always changing and evolving; they aren’t “old and set in their ways” yet.  Which means I can still experiment with their music. While I still have control of the radio and a school-day commute, I’ll take advantage of it while I can….
My niece is pregnant with her first baby at the same time as I am pregnant with my fourth. How fun is that?! This is my third pregnancy, and I still feel completely surprised sometimes at the things that...
It all starts with one brutally honest text message, perhaps to an old high school or college friend that also has kids. And after a while, this confidante is the person you text when you accidentally pee your pants again at work. This is who you drunk text from the bathroom of a work holiday party even though you are too old to be drunk texting. This is who you text to confess you forgot to dress your kids in green on St. Patrick’s Day when every other kid at daycare looks like an Irish leprechaun. And this confidante won’t judge you, because they’re texting you the same things. 
Breastfeeding, the Struggle

Breastfeeding, the Struggle

I remember watching one of my closest friends putting her baby to her breast. It was like magic.  It was as if baby and mom were perfectly connected.  Meanwhile, I sat attached to my pump EVERY 3 hours.  I still needed to use formula. I felt like I failed to connect with my baby.  I’d cry because the sound of my pump parts clicking together made my milk let down…not the cry of my baby.  
Yes, absorbency determines if you have to change immediately after a pee or if it can wait until you get home from the grocery store (and if you can make it through naptime).  BUT, the best absorbency doesn’t matter if the first pee shoots right out that little gap into mom’s shirt.  

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