Christie is originally from Appleton, WI.  She & her husband met in college, and they settled in Manitowoc shortly after graduation for his career.  In order to follow her dreams, Christie went back to school,  which resulted in a long distance marriage for 4 years.  She was thrilled to move to the Green Bay area in 2018 to split their commutes to work, & be closer to family.  In spring of 2019, Christie embarked on what she thought was her "last vacation before baby" however, her little boy had other plans & arrived early - while she was in Florida!  Thankfully he is healthy, happy, and growing like crazy (& that hubby made it to FL in time for the big event!).  Christie also shares her home with 2 cats and 2 dogs.  In her free time, she enjoys traveling, crafting, & blogging at https://sunsetscribbles.com/ & http://stitchsense.com/
Secret about Santa

A Little Secret About Santa!

2020 has been a weird year… and it isn’t over yet!  One thing I always looked forward to as a kid was going to the mall to see Santa Claus.  As I got older,...
baby-proofing, mom and infant

Mommas Know Best – Baby-Proofing!

We are in a full-on baby-proofing mode in our household.  Little by little, we’ve adjusted as our curious little boy has gotten more mobility, and speed!  Outlet covers, corner covers for tables, and just...
The Swimming suit

“THE SUIT” that has taken over my Momma friend world this summer!

This post may contain affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.Do you have a swimming suit that you LOVE and feel great in for the summer?! Many women answer "No" to...
sensory play; rubber duckies

Summer Sensory Play – Jello Dig!

I'm always looking for something different & fun to do with my little guy, who is 12 months (adjusted).  When I spotted some summer sensory play ideas online, I KNEW we would have to...
Travel with Kids

Travel With Kids – It’s All About Perspective

My husband and I were together over a decade before our little guy was born.  In that time, we were fortunate to enjoy traveling to destinations both near and far away.  When it was...
parent feeding baby; baby food

So You Want To Make Baby Food

Making homemade baby food is literally one of my favorite things to do right now.  I'll be honest, I don't even like to cook, but there is something different about making food for my...

DIY Sensory Jars

This post may contain affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Sensory Jars.  Calming Jars.  Whatever you want to call them, they are addicting to make, and kids love them!  I...
Painting winter crafts

Easy Winter Crafts To Reduce Screen Time This Season!

As the sun sets earlier and temperatures continue to fall, the temptation to increase screen time is strong.  Although I love holiday shows as much as the rest, I am trying my best to...