Kimberly is originally from central Wisconsin (Stevens Point), and moved to NEW when she got married in 2010. She resides in East De Pere and is a part-time RN and lactation consultant with HSHS and Aurora, and part-time SAHM of two boys - ages 3 and 5. She loves to do yoga, barre, jog/run, and go on hikes with friends and family. Kimberly enjoys board games and simply spending time with her family. She loves how friendly everyone is in the Green Bay area and how safe of a place it is to live.
Garden of Lights

A Fun Holiday Tradition Continues Amidst COVID-19 | Garden of Lights

Perhaps you are new to the area, or maybe you just haven’t heard much about the Green Bay Botanical Garden (GBBG). Or, maybe you have gone every single year to this wonderful holiday event....
positives of virtual learning

The Unexpected Positives of Virtual Learning

Whether you were given the choice to have your child do virtual learning this fall, or it was a decision made for you by your particular school district, many of us moms find ourselves...

Try something new this summer and fall: Kayaking…with kids!

Perhaps many of you have already gone kayaking. Maybe you even own your own kayaks! My hubby and I are lucky enough to each own a kayak and have been enjoying this nice summer...
reasons to try yoga

Yoga: Even More Reasons To Give It A Try!

Let’s just be honest. These last few months have been beyond stressful. Of course, we have all had stressful times in our lives, and all have our own “toolbox” of things that assist us...
Fourth Trimester, Infant and mother

What is the Fourth Trimester?

We all know about the three “Trimesters” of pregnancy. But have you heard of the “fourth trimester?” It is a term coined by Dr. Harvey Karp for the first three months of your baby’s...
storytime green bay wi; story time green bay

Children’s Storytimes in Green Bay

Did you know Green Bay offers a few free storytimes and activities for young children? I have recently discovered there were even more than I knew about! I think many of us moms can...
Baby-led weaning. Baby eating broccoli

Baby-Led Weaning: A Different Way To Introduce Food To Your Baby

What is baby-led weaning (BLW)? When we hear the word “weaning,” most of us think weaning off of breastfeeding completely. In actuality, the term “weaning” is more of a “gradual change that a baby...
boy carrying basket of flowers for girl, showing kindness, lessons from Mister Rogers

Making a Difference in our Children’s Lives: Lessons from Mister Rogers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhwktRDG_aQ Fred “Mister" Rogers was more than an American television personality. He was more than a father and husband. He was and still is, an inspiration to many, even to this day, over 16 years...

Breastfeeding During the Holidays: Tips & Tricks

Family, friends, food, parties, traveling….all of these things we look forward to around this time of year...’tis the season! However, having a newborn baby can definitely make these next few weeks during the holidays...