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Green Bay Area Mom is a parenting resource for the Green Bay and Appleton areas. We are passionate about bringing together our communities in a supportive online environment, offering encouragement throughout the parenting journey. Our site aims to develop community, share the amazing things the Green Bay Area has to offer, cultivate friendships, and host events to connect moms and families. Our team of local moms love to share both the amazing and difficult parts of parenting, bring you helpful tips, and feature things to do in our area.
Why are kids picky eaters? feature image

Why are kids picky eaters?

At your child’s 2-year-old well-child visit with the doctor, your pediatrician asks you, “How is her diet? Is she getting a good balance of fruits and vegetables?” You think about the past few days...
Ultimate Guide to Mother's Day feature image

Ultimate Guide to Mother’s Day | Brunch, Gifts, Events

Mother's Day is a celebration of Motherhood!  We are here to help you make it the best day possible!  In our Ultimate Mother's Day Guide, you will find brunches, gift ideas, & events for...
Neighborhood Rummage Sales - Green Bay and Appleton

Neighborhood Rummage Sales – Green Bay and Appleton Areas

One man's garbage is another's treasure! Especially when it comes to kids, and finding clothes, toys, and other necessities. Rummage sales are a great way to find items for a deal and save money...
Ultimate Easter Guide featured image

Ultimate Easter Guide | Brunch, Activities, More | Green Bay & Appleton

Welcome to the Green Bay Area Mom Ultimate Easter Guide! Want to get together with family and friends this Easter WITHOUT the stress and mess of prepping an Easter brunch? We've got a list of...
Local Coffee Shops in the Green Bay Area featured image

Local Coffee Shops in the Green Bay Area

As a mom, I have grown to depend on my cups of coffee.  Whether I want to meet with co-workers, hang out with friends, or get some quiet time away, Green Bay has so...

Let’s Talk About Poop

One of the most common topics I get asked about as a pediatrician is… yup, poop. It may seem gross to some people, but it doesn’t faze pediatricians one bit. I rarely go through...
Boost Your College Savings with a Tax Refund feature image

Boost Your College Savings with a Tax Refund

Tax season is in full swing, and while filing your taxes isn’t necessarily fun – a refund can be agreat incentive to get them done. While it may be tempting to spend it, saving...
Summercamp Guide for Green Bay and Appleton featured image

Summer Camps Guide – Green Bay & Appleton Areas

Welcome to the 2023 Green Bay Area Mom Summer Camps Guide for the Green Bay and Appleton Areas! With summertime just around the corner, we are thrilled to offer this Summer Camps Guide for the...
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Bring your voice to Green Bay Area Mom as a contributor

We are looking for local moms (or dads) to share your voice (or talents) with our community as GBAM Contributors. Green Bay Area Mom is a local buisness ran BY local moms FOR local parents...
Prevea vericose veins feature image

Are varicose veins more common in women than men?

Yes! Did you know that varicose veins affect almost twice as many women as men and are more common in older women?According to the office of Women’s Health, spider veins may affect more than half...