Sarah Leanna

Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Rowan University. She is originally from the East Coast and met her husband, who is from Suamico, WI, while he was in the Coast Guard. Sarah and her husband have two little ones less than two years apart. They love the Green Bay Area to take part in an active lifestyle, from camping to hiking, there is a tremendous amount of beauty here.
moving to Green Bay, WI; family moving into home

Tips for Moving to Green Bay, Wisconsin

Tips for moving to Green Bay, Wisconsin. A year ago today, I was driving 1000 miles to my new home that I had actually never seen before in Greenbay, Wisconsin. I look back on...

A Fun Week in Green Bay – What to do this week with your...

A fun week. After the new year, I wanted to put an emphasis on fun. While raising my little humans, I often focus ALL day on repeating myself and stressing about growing my kids...

10 Tips to Get Your House Organized in 2021

10 Tips to Get Your House Organized in 2021 I vividly remember a time when my house was clean and organized. This was pre-kids, I had just read Marie Condo's book The Life-Changing Magic of...
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25 Indoor Activities to do this Winter with your Toddler

As I am writing this, the sun is shining and most of my family's routine revolves around outdoor activities. My toddler and I were able to make it to the playground to burn off...

7 Tips for Creating Joy as a Mom, Even During Covid-19

Over the last half a year, our country has shifted in ways we could not have anticipated. Many Mommas are now juggling working from home, while simultaneously teaching virtual learning to more than one...

The Truth About Having A Second Baby

When my oldest child was a baby, I ached for another child. Given my husband and I’s complications with conceiving our first, I knew I wanted to try sooner rather than later. I joked...
road trip

How To Road Trip with your Toddler and Not Lose Your Mind

When my son was 18 months old, I realized I was going to be going on a 15-hour road trip with him, solo. At the time we were moving 1000 miles from our home...

Showering For One-Tips to get that daily shower every Momma deserves

I currently am a momma of two little ones. I have a son who just turned 2 and a 6-week-old little girl. I realize I am in the thick of it, and most people...