Every now and then I get asked if I would marry my husband again if I knew then what I know now regarding step-parenting. Yes! However, I would not have said ‘yes’ a few years ago, which was a couple of...
I knew that marrying someone with children and becoming a step-mom would add an interesting twist to the holidays. I grew up in a blended family and had the typical Christmas Eve with my dad, Christmas day with my...
I was recently in Nice, France vacationing with my husband (no kids!) suffering from jet lag! I couldn’t sleep and my mind began to wander to how I’d reacted to hiccups that we had during our travels. We had parking...
“I choose you” are three very powerful words.  We choose our kids OVER and OVER all day long, but the idea behind “I choose you” can be pretty incredible when it comes to marriage.  Saying “I love you” is...
Are we roommates

Are We Roommates?

It’s when I only see my husband to sleep. It’s when our conversations are short, to the point, and revolve around the logistics of carting our kids around or what we need from the grocery store.
Neither one of us splurges or goes all out for Christmas, birthdays or Valentine's Day. We get what we need all year, so we sometimes don't exchange more than a card! If you are like me, or even if you aren't and go big, here is a practical gift that gives all year long! Any gift that can bring some positive thoughts and love to your marriage all year for under $10 is a winner to me!
During the Christmas season, I decided to shower my husband with “25 Days of I Love You's” to make him feel extra special. I did something similar for the fourteen days leading up to Valentine’s Day a few years ago (prior to having kids) so I thought I would try something similar. Even though Christmas is over, Valentine’s Day will be here soon so I thought I would share this idea. This is easily adaptable for a birthday, any holiday, or just because!
We make fun of it because it’s based on very unrealistic expectations. 25 pre-screened, gorgeous (but mostly crazy) people are all competing for a potential mate that they’ve never met. The show takes place in an elegant mansion stocked with endless amounts of booze, and features outings to exotic locations no regular people can afford. The extravagant dates feature helicopter rides, hot tub soaks with champagne, and tropical beach frolics. To put this into perspective, my husband and I met in a dive bar in college and our first date was at Starbucks. Honestly, if given the opportunity to go on the dates featured in this show, I could temporarily fall in love with a scarecrow. Not only is it unrealistic, but it sets the couple up for failure. I propose they try these 18 alternative dates. It may ruin the show, but it would be entertaining.
Before kids, my husband and I did everything together.  We went out to eat, saw concerts, stayed up late watching movies, and traveled.  I would have characterized our marriage as “easy.”  Then we had kids.  With three toddlers distracting...
My relationship with my in-laws has been and continues to be a positive experience. They are my second set of parents that I never expected. I call them Mom & Dad. Like many relationships, we don’t agree on everything and that’s ok. I respect that they may have different ideas or opinions on things than I do. Life would be boring if we all thought and acted alike.

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Green Bay Area Christmas Tree Farm Round-Up

It may not feel like it right now (with the lack of snow), but within a few weeks many of us will venture out to find the perfect Christmas tree.  This is one of my favorite family traditions that I have carried on with my own family.  When we lived in Madison we had our 'go-to' tree farm and since moving to Green Bay we are back to square one in our tree farm search.  If you are like me or just need a change of Christmas-tree-pace, then you are in luck!  Below you will find a list of local tree farms -- some are just a short jot out of the city and some will allow for a slightly more scenic drive.  Although much of the information regarding the various farms is provided below, please consider contacting the farm directly to check hours and availability prior to going.  Happy tree hunting!