More than a game – why all kids should play organized sports


I cannot believe my oldest child will be graduating high school in just a few months! It is hard to believe that my baby will move on to the next chapter of his life. And he will no longer need me the way he did for his first 18 years of life.

We are doing all the “lasts” with him, stirring up so much emotion. Recently we were at his last wrestling match of his high school career, and it all boiled over. I started thinking about everything the sport gave to him. He has learned leadership, loyalty, teamwork and so much more.

Our middle son loves to play basketball, and he didn’t think he would be good enough to play in high school so he became “comfortable” with the thought that he would play competitively till he couldn’t anymore, thinking his Freshman year would be his last. But would still pursue pick-up games for fun on Y night or at his buddies’ houses.  We have been to a few high school varsity games this year and saw the players who were on the bench. They didn’t get much playing time, but he saw their talent and attitude when they did get put in the game. The lightbulb must have gone off because shortly after he told us he wants to continue no matter what, he is now comfortable with riding the bench but remaining loyal to his friends and teammates. He is only in 7th grade so if he sticks with it, and continues to practice, I think he may continue to surprise himself. In his own words, his grade’s chemistry is unmatched by upperclassmen, so he sees the opportunity and is willing to work to change his future.

The youngest Garcia is a hockey player. This year his team made it to the State Championship. They lost their first game which pushed them to the “Consolation Bracket” in laments terms the “Losers” bracket. But when they were crowned the “Consolation Champs,” it didn’t matter. He was sad after the game, but it wasn’t because the trophy didn’t say “State Champions” it was because it was the last game of the season and he doesn’t want to be on a team without his friends next year. The teams aren’t predetermined by age, you don’t get to choose. Tryouts determine which team you are on, and nothing is guaranteed. He values friendships over the more prestigious team.

The benefits aren’t just for the kids. Some of our proudest moments as parents aren’t when the trophies are handed out but when we see their passion grow year after year. When they work on something and find success in doing it during the game. Like all those net shots in the basement, baskets in the driveway or the weight room instead of hangouts or screen time. The adversity they face in the “game” builds character to face adversity in life.

And the best part is they haven’t even experienced the greatest gift sports will bring them… that will manifest when they become parents and they can share their love and knowledge for the game with them.

It’s more than just a game, let your kids play organized sports.

All my love,

Nichole Garcia

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Nichole is a thirty-something wife and mother currently living in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She was however, born and raised in Texas and lived there until her early 20s. Nichole was a Combat Medic in the US Army and met a boy in her Advanced Training. They were inseparable from the day they met and she moved to the Midwest for love. Their story is a crazy one but it’s theirs and simply because of that, it’s obvs her favorite! Nichole considers herself a Jack of Many Trades, yet Master of None. She works full time in corporate marketing and has a photography business. She loves to take pretty pictures (Squid Photography) and share love through a warm meal. Her schedule is always full and it makes her a little crazy sometimes but she covets all the relationships that have arisen from the chaos. Nichole’s biggest and greatest accomplishment was receiving the title of “Mother”. She and her husband, Jeremy, were triply blessed with handsome boys! Peyton John Michael, their oldest is 14, a high school freshman, and probably smarter than her! Middle son, Piercen Rush is 10, in 4th grade and has the kindest heart! Their youngest Sir Pennington Matthews is 8 going on 18, he is loud and crazy! She claims her house is always a mess, they are always coming or going and she and her husband barely talk about anything in the “Adult” category but she absolutely LOVES her life! And can’t wait to share it with you!