How to have more fun this year


I took a trip to Las Vegas late last year with my girlfriends. And man, oh man, did we do it up right! I’m talking shows, spas, drinks, dancing – we even stayed in a high-roller suite. I came back from that weekend totally exhausted. (Because, really, who sleeps in Vegas?) But I was also completely rejuvenated. Why? Because I’d remembered how to have fun.

So I have just one goal for the year – have more FUN. With my husband, with my girlfriends, and especially, with my daughters. At 11 and 7, they are at the perfect ages to really get after it and start having some serious good times. Make amazing family memories. Take big bites out of life. And while I know every day can’t be a vacation to Vegas, there are plenty of ways we can introduce serious silliness into our everyday lives. One easy way to start? Those silly “National Day of” events!

Imagine the grins on your kids’ faces if they came home from school and you immediately handed them a pack of gum on “National Chewing Gum Day” (Sept. 30). Or if you presented them each with a brand-new yo-yo on “National Yo-Yo Day” (June 6). The possibilities are endless – and the year of silliness has just begun:

  • Seriously silly: I don’t know who invented “National Dance Like a Chicken Day” (May 14), “National Knock Knock Jokes Day” (Oct. 31), or “National Goof Off Day” (March 22). But they must be a kid at heart – my girls immediately put these dates on their calendars.
  • Little giggles: Your child doesn’t have to be walking or even talking to get in on the silliness. You and your baby can celebrate lots of dates together, such as “National Wiggle Your Toes Day” (Aug. 6), “Bathtub Party Day” (Dec. 5), “National Tell a Child a Fairy Tale Day” (Feb. 26) or “National Reach Up as High as You Can Day” (April 14).
  • Time together: It might take a bit of planning, but your children will love working/playing with you on “National Puzzle Day” (Jan. 29), “National Children’s Craft Day” (March 14), and “National Play-Doh Day” (Sept. 16). Want to get outside? “National Find a Rainbow Day” is April 3 and “National Splash in Puddles Day” is January 11. (Though that one’s not typically celebrated in Green Bay. Brrr!)
  • Parental perks! Some celebrations definitely have Mom in mind. Think your kiddos would help you celebrate “National Clean Up Your Room Day” on May 10? How about “National Eat Your Vegetables Day” on June 17, or “America Recycles Day” on Nov. 15? We can all get on board with “National Do Something Nice Day” on Oct. 5. And I can’t wait for the first Friday in September – it’s “National Lazy Mom’s Day!”
  • Teens & ’tweens: I haven’t forgotten about the older kids. My 11-year-old might come outside for “National Touch Tag Day” on Oct. 8. But try stopping her from celebrating “World Emoji Day” on July 17 or “Talk Like a Pirate Day” on Sept. 19. And the day she’s most looking forward to celebrating this year? “Answer the Telephone Like Buddy the Elf Day” on Dec. 18! (What’s your favorite color?!?)

I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments on the unique ways your family has fun together. And I’ve got lots more ideas for ways to incorporate silliness into every day of the year! But for now, I’ll leave you with one more date I can’t wait to celebrate: May 25 is “National Wine Day.” Cheers, moms!

Original Content by Laura, updated by Green Bay Area Mom

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