Kid-Friendly Meatless Meals


With the rise of the ‘Meatless Monday’ trend, you may be wondering how on Earth people get their children (or spouse) to try plant-based meals. As a vegan mom, I have been experimenting for a long time with my own family and the results are in! Below are some of my family’s favorite meatless meals that even the picky eaters in your family will enjoy!

Meal #1:

Impossible Chicken Nuggets, steamed veggies, and sweet potato tater tots – That’s it! This is a super easy meal, cooked in just a few minutes. If you have not tried the Impossible Chicken Nuggets my family swears, they are better than real chicken nuggets. I cook them in my air fryer for about 10 minutes. The texture is the same and the flavor is awesome. They are soy-based and have plenty of protein. Find these at Pick’N’Save!

Meal #2:

Impossible Burgers and Pasta Salad – Yum! We are officially hitting cook-out season in Wisconsin and this dinner is sure to please! Impossible burger patties are meatless and have excellent flavor. They can be found at nearly all our local grocery stores (freezer section). After grilling them up you can dress them up with pickles, lettuce, tomato, and anything else you love on your burger. We serve them up with a whole wheat bun and a side of Italian pasta salad.

Meal #3:

Chipotle bowls and burritos! Not in the mood to cook? No problem! There are plenty of local take-out places that have meatless and family-friendly options. One of our favorites is Chipotle’s sofritas bowls. Sofritas is chopped tofu flavored in a chipotle sauce. Swap this into your bowl or burrito rather than meat. This low-calorie protein has a meaty consistency with no cholesterol! The flavor is wonderful. Add a side of guacamole and chips, and enjoy 😉

Families choose to try meatless meals for many different reasons. Perhaps you are watching your cholesterol, looking for more sustainable foods, or are trying to be more conscious of your impact on animals. Whatever the reason, I commend you on trying something new! If you grew up in a meat and potatoes household this change can feel overwhelming at first, but keeping an open mind and experimenting with new flavors really goes a long way! The three options I have above are great for people who are at the beginning of their journey. Good luck to you!

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