Vacation…Without the Kids

Vacation... Without the kids

A few months ago, after a particularly tiring day, my husband and I started dreaming about taking a vacation.  Just some time away…without the kids.  At first, our conversation was simply that, a dream.  There was no way we could go on a vacation and leave our one and three-year-old for any extended period of time.  However, after a few nights of teething and a few more days of juggling our insanely busy schedules, we decided to stop making excuses.  We booked a 5-night vacation in Canada to visit Banff National Park, just the two of us.  Immediately after hitting the submit button in Expedia, I panicked.  How would our kids survive without us for 6 days? Would Nana know the exact bedtime routine?  What would happen if one of them gets sick, or hurt while we are gone?  Was I going to miss my sons first steps?  I was suddenly overcome with guilt and worry.  Maybe we had made a terrible mistake.

However, my husband reassured me that all my worrying was unnecessary and we were going to go.  So, when the date came, I hugged and kissed my kiddos and cried all the way to the airport.  As luck would have it, we sat next to a family with young children on the plane and I quickly remembered why we didn’t bring them (I give those parents all the credit for doing it)!   As our vacation progressed, I was slowly able to relax and remember what life was like before the responsibility of parenting.

We were able to go to go to a restaurant and enjoy an entire meal together.  I can’t remember the last time I went out to eat and truly enjoyed the food in front of me.  I wasn’t sneaking forkfuls in between wrangling my toddler to stay in his high chair.  I didn’t have to clean up any spills or run to the restroom five times in a single hour.  I actually ate my entire meals on a normal schedule for consecutive days in a row.

We enjoyed adult TV and conversation.   Usually, we are running from one event to the next, and by the time the kids are in bed and everything is in order for the next day, it’s past my bedtime as well.  I shamefully admit that I channel-surfed for hours one night…simply because I could.

I read a book….and it wasn’t Biscuit or Curious George (even though I like those too)!

We slept!  Although we originally planned our vacation with lots of activity and sightseeing, we adapted our schedule and slept in almost every morning.  It was so nice to sleep in and not immediately have responsibilities.  I had no idea how tired I truly was.

We missed our kids.  For every moment that I got to re-energize and relax, I missed my kids just as much.  I missed being the referee between their toy-taking match.  I missed wiping the never-ending running nose (What?!  How is that possible?)  I missed making lunches.  I missed their smiles.  Their hugs.  Their kisses.  Their voices.  Being away made me appreciate them even more.  Just when you think you can’t love them anymore, then you do.

Original content provided by Crystal updated by Green Bay Area Mom

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