Education from a Global View

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Education systems vary not just within the United States but also worldwide. The importance placed on homework, high-stakes testing, and parent/family involvement differs significantly from one country to another. Let’s take a brief exploration into the unique features of the educational systems in our country and some neighboring nations.

United States:

  • Wide range of educational institutions available for students to choose from
  • Opportunity to earn credits for post-secondary education while still in high school
  • Free and reduced lunch programs ensure nutrition and wellness for all students


  • Focus on holistic education, addressing the needs of the whole child
  • Emphasis on academic knowledge, social and emotional learning, and physical development
  • Private funding plays a significant role in the educational system


  • Only one standardized test in high school
  • Shorter school days, typically around 5 hours
  • Strong emphasis on art and sports in the curriculum

New Zealand:

  • Majority of students attend public schools due to the strong financial support from the country
  • Balanced approach to learning, combining academics with hands-on and practical experiences
  • School days are approximately running from 9am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday, with a year-round schedule consisting of 4 terms and 2-week breaks between terms; summer break from mid-December to the end of January

Book Spotlight

Do you seek adventure? Are you someone who finds themselves daydreaming about their next family vacation? In the book, Tripp the Tumbleweed’s Origin Story: Let’s Get Ready to Tumble, by Christy B. and Dr. III, Tripp, a Russian Thistle, is on a journey to visit all of the United States National Parks. Go sightseeing and learn as Tripp explores mountains, oceans, rivers, islands, deserts, big trees, volcanoes, and so much more! Plus, you’ll meet some amazing animal friends in each place that is visited.   

The authors seek out elementary school students across the country to help Tripp decide what to do while at the parks. Because the students have helped Tripp, the authors and Tripp give back some of the money earned from the books to the students’ schools, plus non-profit associations supporting the national parks. Win-win for all!

Tripp’s Landing website includes:                                                                

  • a YouTube channel                                                  
  • a theme song video
  • learn about the authors
  • other Tripp books that highlight national parks 
  • activities such as word search and Tripp-togram
  • information about characters/animals in the books

Lost in Translation: Words with Multiple Meanings

Words in different languages often take on varied meanings due to the intricacies of language, culture, and historical background. This can occur as languages evolve independently over time, leading to shifts in word semantics and the emergence of new connotations. Cultural influences and societal perspectives also shape language usage, resulting in distinct interpretations for certain words. 

Moreover, the diverse human experiences across cultures contribute to the development of language, with words reflecting unique concepts and values specific to each cultural context. As a result, the multitude of meanings that words hold across languages showcases the rich diversity and complexity of human communication and expression.


English word: ‘fart’ means ‘speed’ in Norwegian English word: ‘barf’ means ‘snow’ in Hindi
English word: ‘gift’ means ‘poison’ in German English conjunction: ‘but’ means ‘shoe’ in Polish
English word: ‘brat’ means ‘brother’ in Russian English slang: ‘lol’ means ‘fun’ in Dutch

Take opportunities to learn and explore the world around you. Read a new book, cook an international meal, sing a song in another language, or engage in an activity that immerses you into someone else’s culture. Remember, United We Learn!


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