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Green Bay Area Mom is a parenting resource for the Green Bay and Appleton areas. We are passionate about bringing together our communities in a supportive online environment, offering encouragement throughout the parenting journey. Our site aims to develop community, share the amazing things the Green Bay Area has to offer, cultivate friendships, and host events to connect moms and families. Our team of local moms love to share both the amazing and difficult parts of parenting, bring you helpful tips, and feature things to do in our area.
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Ultimate Guide to Mother’s Day | Brunch, Gifts, Events

Mother's Day is a celebration of Motherhood!  We are here to help you make it the best day possible!  In our Ultimate Mother's Day Guide, you will find brunches, gift ideas, & events for...
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Ultimate Easter Guide | Brunch, Activities, More | Green Bay & Appleton

Welcome to the Green Bay Area Mom Ultimate Easter Guide! Want to get together with family and friends this Easter WITHOUT the stress and mess of prepping an Easter brunch? We've got a list of...
2022 Green Bay Area Mom Summer Camps Guide; summer camp green bay; summer camp appleton

Summer Camps Guide – Green Bay & Appleton Areas

Welcome to the 2022 Green Bay Area Mom Summer Camps Guide for the Green Bay and Appleton Areas! With summertime just around the corner, we are thrilled to offer this Summer Camps Guide for the...
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Figuring out Time-Out

When thinking about “time-outs,” it may be helpful to have some background on the theory behind them. The reason time-outs are so effective at modifying childhood behavior is that they briefly take away the...
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Nonprofit Spotlight: OHP – Oral Health Partnership | Dentistry for Tots to Teens

Oral Health Partnership (OHP) operates with the basic idea that all kids deserve quality dental care. In 2005, the Green Bay Rotary discovered that a large number of kids were going to emergency rooms...
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New Mom. New Adventures. Part 3: Caring for Mom

There are so many emotions that come with becoming a mom. It’s a huge life change, after all! For as much joy that it brings, it can also be difficult and overwhelming at times....
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2022 Playdates & Events | Green Bay Area Mom

We are bringing even more playdates and events to the Green Bay and Appleton Areas!!  You don't want to miss out on the fun, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back...

Preschool and Childcare Guide

Welcome to the Green Bay Area Mom Preschool and Childcare Guide for the Green Bay and Appleton areas! We are so excited to offer this Preschool (3K) and Childcare (Daycare) Guide as a resource for...
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New mom. New adventures. Part 2: Potty Training

Has anyone ever told you their little one was potty trained by 15 months old? Maybe you’ve heard someone talk about how easy it was to potty train their daughter, and you’re wondering, “Why...
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No pain, no gain! Feel the burn but know when to slow down.

A consistent fitness routine is a key component to an overall healthy lifestyle. But workout-related injuries can stop people from sticking with it, especially for women who have a higher risk for common injuries...