Our Family’s Experience at Six Flags Great America


This is our family’s experience at Six Flags Great America from this past summer when we took our family (mostly teens and 1 tween) several times to Six Flag Great America. It’s less than a 3-hour drive from Green Bay which allowed for fun memories to be made in a day trip!

We purchased Platinum passes which included parking ($35 value every time per vehicle), the Hurricane Harbor water park, 1 flash pass per season pass purchased (not per visit) and 15% off food and souvenir purchases. It also allows you priority entrance before the gates open to the masses. Another perk was purchasing a guest ticket for $10. That’s not always available but was nice when we had someone else with us. A one-day ticket at the gate is listed as $89.99 but tends to be half that price if purchased online. Currently they’re offering a Spring Sale: Diamond is currently $115 each which includes the Season Drink Bottle and 4 skip the line passes (not just 1 like Platinum has) and several other discounts. I wish it were that cheap last year!! View details at Six Flags Tickets & Passes | Great America in Chicago, IL

The park is only open weekends starting April 20-May 12, 2024 & August 18-October (NOT the Friday before Labor Day which was our plan). Do check the calendar before making plans. Six Flags Hours & Event Schedule | Great America in Chicago, IL

We arrived about 10am when rides opened at 10:30am and at 10:30am when rides opened at 11am (October). Parking and gates open slightly earlier than rides open. We found walking first thing to the ride we really wanted to ride made for the shortest wait times. Most people seem to go to the rides at the front of the park but walking further into the park worked best for us. Raging Bull was first on their list the first time we went.

There is an app App Download – (sixflags.com) that holds digital passes. Security will stop you for a picture and give you a physical card on your first visit. I wasn’t prepared for that. The app also gives approximate wait times and tells you how to get to a certain area or ride.

We purchased one Dining Pass per person every time we went.  For only $20.99, you get your choice of 1 each meal, snack, and fountain drink which can also be used at the water park. When looking at menus, “S” means snack, “M” means meal as there are a few exceptions. We found the best savings at the food court in County Fair at the Chinese restaurant for a $16.99 meal (note, one of their meals is not included, but we didn’t want that one anyway). Best deal for snack was a $8.99 pretzel, but snacks include ice cream, nachos, cheesecake sticks etc. My personal favorite meal was the pulled pork which also included fries with the meal. Most meals are $14+ and snacks $6+. I also wrote each person’s name on their meal card. More food information can be found at Chicago Area Restaurants & Dining | Six Flags Great America. If you have younger kids or picky eaters, feel free to pack a lunch and keep it in a cooler in the vehicle. You are able to reenter the park but do pay attention which hand they want to stamp (right or left) as it changes daily.

Since our passes did not include Season Drink bottles, we also purchased the 3 pack for $99 which included unlimited refills. We have several kids, so they took turns choosing. They also offer daily drink bottles for less money. If you only plan to go one or two times per season, this might be the best deal. You can still bring it on subsequent visits, but it’s $2 per refill which is still a savings. Honestly, I didn’t want to have a lot of $2 credit card charges as the park is cashless except for a couple game machines that my kids found.

I highly suggest bringing an empty water bottle or 2 with you as it can be filled in the park. We found a water bottle filler at the food court in County Fair. We also stopped at Kwik Trip on our way down to get a snack, so we weren’t hungry too early.

I carried a belt bag with face sunblock, lip balm, arm bands for motion sickness, permanent marker, eye glass cleaner cloth, & sunglasses. We shared a sling pack to holding our water bottles when not being used. Thankfully, there are places to hold your drink cups and bags at most rides.

Have young kids instead of big ones just yet? I have friends who bring wagons and I saw many strollers. We actually waited until our kids were older as the price was the same for young kids (3years old +) even though they couldn’t ride many rides. The area for smaller kids is very limited in my opinion. I’m thankful we waited until they were tall enough to ride everything without a parent (typically 54 inches). Whatever you decide for your family will work though!

When it was too hot (or cold) outside, we all enjoyed the 2 indoor coasters: The Dark Night Coaster is a fun, blacklight coaster; and Justice League Battle for Metropolis was a big hit for us. Even if you don’t like coasters, you’ll like this one as it is pretty much flat, and you can try to beat the score of your kids or spouse by taking down the bad guys.

When it was really hot, the water park Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Chicago | Chicago’s Most Thrilling water park was a great break. It closes earlier than the park. We typically went midafternoon, then went back to rides. We kept all our swim stuff in the car until needed. Do note that swimsuits are only allowed in the water park. I saw security send a few people back to change clothes because of trying to enter the park in only bikini tops and short.

The pass also includes the Seasonal Fests, but not the haunted houses. I was shocked how busy the September and October weekends were compared to the July days we went. Boo Fest is for all ages and goes from 11am-5pm. Fright Fest is recommended for those 13yo+ and starts at 6pm. You can get a glow necklace to not be scared as the actors will try to scare you. We were really there for the rides after dark which didn’t truly occur until after 7pm.

We truly enjoyed making many memories last summer at Six Flags. I hope these tips encourage you to take an adventure with your family. Ride the coaster or read a book while they ride!

Here’s a website with even more info: Things to do Chicago | Six Flags Great America | Thrills Await

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