Mommas Know Best – Baby-Proofing!


We are in a full-on baby-proofing mode in our household.  Little by little, we’ve adjusted as our curious little boy has gotten more mobility, and speed!  Outlet covers, corner covers for tables, and just straight up clearing out some less than baby-friendly furniture…

Every time we think we’re caught up and have “outsmarted” our little guy, he proves us wrong.  We had some smaller baby gates in place in our house, and I was going a little crazy with them.  Between one of our dogs who looks at a regular baby gate, thinks nothing of it, and hops over it with ease… and the fact that I was tired of having to either take the gate down or step over it to pass by, I quickly started to research.

And, by research, I mean I went to Amazon and typed in baby gates.  Then, looked at what was popular and had good ratings, and finally, looked on google for more information.  Whenever I’d find something I thought I’d like, it was either A) out of stock or B) didn’t fit the width of our walkways.

I was quickly overwhelmed, but knew I needed something… and I needed it fast!

So, what do I do?  I go to one of my trusty virtual moms’ groups and write a post looking for gate recommendations, and any other baby-proofing items they love.

The responses were plentiful and better than anything I had seen in my searches about the products online.  We finally ended up ordering these gates which so far have been working great for our situation, though there were several other options people loved.

But my favorite thing?!  Which an overwhelming amount of mommas told me was a “MUST” have?  Was something I didn’t even know was “a thing!”

I was j u s t  about to get out my screwdriver and install the classic cupboard locks around the house… thankfully my momma friends shared this gem with me first!  Check out these magnetic locks!!  In most situations, you can just use an adhesive to install them, AND there is a switch to easily turn them to the “off” position so they remain unlocked.

These locks were so easy to install, and have been a game-changer!  SO LONG AS YOU DON’T LOSE THE MAGNET TO UNLOCK THEM!

So, momma friends – tell me all the goods!  What are your favorite baby-proofing items?!

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Christie is originally from Appleton, WI.  She & her husband met in college, and they settled in Manitowoc shortly after graduation for his career.  In order to follow her dreams, Christie went back to school,  which resulted in a long distance marriage for 4 years.  She was thrilled to move to the Green Bay area in 2018 to split their commutes to work, & be closer to family.  In spring of 2019, Christie embarked on what she thought was her "last vacation before baby" however, her little boy had other plans & arrived early - while she was in Florida!  Thankfully he is healthy, happy, and growing like crazy (& that hubby made it to FL in time for the big event!).  Christie also shares her home with 2 cats and 2 dogs.  In her free time, she enjoys traveling, crafting, & blogging at &