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Teacher Appreciation Week falls in the 1st week of May every year and by that point in the school year, Teachers most definitely need a pick me up to get into that home stretch of the school year! We’re busy preparing our children to move up to the next grade and equipping them with the next-grade-level life skills they will need! So it’s the perfect time to send a sweet thank you-big or small. I’ve got a teacher appreciation gift guide filled with what has been some of my favorite gifts I’ve received or that I have gifted!

Gift-giving is my love language. I love to gift to people whenever possible even in the littlest ways.  However, sometimes I get stuck on the delivery or not repeating the same gifts over and over. I am also horrible about receiving gifts.  Don’t get me wrong, like every other person, I know it’s so wonderful to receive gits.  I just get awkward and probably go overboard with the thank you’s.

So when I got back into teaching after my last little was in school full time, the number of amazing gifts I received definitely put me in that awkward thanking stage quite often. It also made me see how much I wanted to gift my own children’s teacher’s for all they do because some days, quite frankly, they get more time with my kids than I do! I’m sure they’re providing a level of mothering my children need, so a chance to thank them with a gift was the least I could do.  So as a teacher and a mother, I’ve got a great teacher appreciation gift guide to make your life a little easier!

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Travel Mugs or Water Bottles

We adore the cute coffee mugs we get, however, they do begin to take over our home at some point so instead maybe switch it out for a travel mug or even a cute water cup or bottle! Those a great for bringing our coffee to school and for that much need refill pick me up in the afternoon. These super cute travel mugs are a great price point and ideal for this gift and if you want to take it up a notch throw some little chocolates in the mug for that extra special treat because let’s be real, chocolate and coffee are every teachers’, Moms’, and womans’ must-haves!

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Writing Utensils

I don’t know what it is but Flair pens, markers, sharpies, basically any type of fun writing utensil becomes a must-have as a teacher and they constantly get lost somehow. These are a great gift. You could get a great pencil bag and stuff it with some of these and there will be some big smiles on the receiving end.

Gift cards!

It’s an easy gift to grab and they are always well received. Some ideas on places would be to a coffee shop with a drive-through, (because life is busy and it makes life easier), anywhere they can grab a meal or take their families to, School House, Target, or Hobby Lobby are all great places to stock up their classrooms, and AMAZON need I say more?

Themed Gift Basket

A teacher appreciation gift I received one year that was such a sweet and fun idea was a family-oriented gift basket. It had a board game, a bag of popcorn, a cozy blanket, and a Redbox gift certificate. Not only did it give me something to do with my family, but some board games are great for the classroom for indoor recess days or special incentive days.

Self-Care Items

Self-care has become such a household statement especially after the last year we have all had. So maybe think of something along those lines. A great face mask, a super moisturizing lotion, a Color Street nail set, aromatherapy oils, a cute pair of slippers, or basically anything that says “take a break and relax.”

Personalized Gifts

Another great teacher appreciation gift idea I have for you that is always a win, is anything personalized! A notepad that may read “From the desk of Ms. _____,” maybe a set of customized note cards, a lanyard, a tote with their last name letter, or maybe a cute sign to hang in the classroom.

Lastly, anything homemade by the student is an amazing gift! A thank you card or a cute art project is always something that hits those heartstrings. This is where my fellow Pinterest mamas can thrive and let those creative juices flow!

I hope this gives you some helpful teacher appreciation gift ideas. Also know that no gift is ever expected, but is always appreciated! It is an honor in itself to teach your children and we don’t take that lightly.

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