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2020 has been a whirlwind.  With the global pandemic continuing to bring uncertainty to schooling and work life, many people are considering homeschooling their children for a multitude of reasons.  Green Bay Area Mom is here to support you and provide you with homeschooling resources and information!  

The Green Bay area has an active homeschool community and there are a number of groups, sites, and programs to aid you in your homeschooling journey.  The video below is an excellent starting point!  You can also view the video on our Facebook Page directly through this link:  In the comments there are a lot of helpful resources listed as well as additional answers to questions!

We hope you find these homeschooling resources helpful!  Please let us know what other questions or resources would be helpful in the comments below!

One of the biggest takeaways I’ve learned from speaking with homeschooling moms is that the crisis schooling parents and kids were thrown into is NOT the same as homeschooling!  In homeschooling, school is woven into life and life is woven into schooling!  Science is learned while planting a garden or walking through a wildlife preserve.  Reading aloud to children of all ages is a huge component to develop comprehension.  Play is a universal language for learning as well!  

In the video above, you will find that each homeschooling mom did not think that they could homeschool, but are so glad they did.  And they felt if THEY could do it, YOU can do it too! 

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