The Challenges of COVID for a Stepmom with a Type A Personality


Being a parent is very challenging during COVID-19. I am hearing about challenges and stress from friends who are bio-moms, stepmoms, adoptive moms, and grandmas raising their grandchildren. It does not matter who you are, if there are children in your house, these are challenging times. Being a stepmom is an interesting role during this global pandemic, especially with a Type A personality.

I have worked to maintain a positive attitude and keep a normal routine, but I must be honest, I feel like I’m about to lose it! Our lives are constantly changing and if you are a Type A personality like me, this is difficult. Maybe you have also reached a breaking point with the unknowns of the school year, extracurricular activities, family events, and work. What will Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas look like this year?

I am a meeting planner with three large events this fall and winter, which makes me anxious. My stepdaughters are only home fifty percent of the time, but their mom is an ER nurse, which makes me anxious. She and my husband have decided that my youngest step-daughter will go to school virtually. I do not agree, but I am required to live with the impacts of that decision. This makes me anxious, as do many large decisions with step-parenting because my opinion is not always taken into consideration. This is a tough pill to swallow as a step-parent.

I have had enough therapy to know that the reason I feel like I am unwinding is because I have little to no control over many important things at the moment.

A common phrase I see on social media is “You can only control you and your reactions.” Yeah, yeah, yeah! But I still want to scream because I feel such a loss of control over every aspect of my life.

For the most part, I have been rolling with the changes for the past several months, but for some reason this week, I want to lose it, throw in the towel, and fly to a Caribbean Island to be on my own for a couple of weeks. I imagine every step-parent and even bio-parent has felt this way at some point with the COVID craziness.

Writing this is making me feel better! When you feel like you are losing control and want to scream, scream! And then write down your feelings to release some anxiety! And if you need it, go to therapy!  There is no shame in getting the help you need!


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