Date Night Makeover for Valentine’s Day!

Date Night Makeover for Valentine's Day

My husband tries to make a date out of everything. Going grocery shopping? Date night. Getting taxes done? Date night. Trip to the local hardware and home improvement store? Definitely a date night…. according to my husband. These aren’t my idea of a date night. Sometimes I would like a date night that doesn’t involve chores, but the budget and a babysitter are often obstacles keeping us from more inventive and appealing date nights. So, I wracked my brain for some out of the box Valentine’s Day date night ideas that don’t require a babysitter and some budget-friendly ideas if you do have a babysitter!


Yoga Pants Required for Date Night In

Get your comfy clothes on, put the kiddos to bed early, and get ready for some spouse time! 

  • Cards, dice, and puzzles, Oh My!!

    • We love to play games. It’s a family favorite. So, sometimes we’ll make a point to play some kind of competitive game after the babes are in bed. Some of our favorites include cribbage, farkle, and card games such as contract rummy, 3-13, and Nerts. The best thing about these are that we already have dice and cards at home, so we don’t have to spend anything to have a little mini-game night with just us two. I’ve heard puzzles are also a quiet but challenging stay-in date night activity. 
  • Still Getting To Know You Games

    If you and your partner need something a little more mentally challenging, here are a few options for your stay-in date night! 

    • Good relationships are always growing. What’s a better way to continue to grow and learn more about one another than playing Would You Rather! This game can be serious or silly, and it’s flexible because you can look up premade questions or be creative and come up with your own! Which would you rather do!? 
    • If you’ve been together for years but haven’t made it ‘legal’ or have been married for decades, (or any point in between) another thought and laugh provoking date-night-in idea is The Newlywed Game! It’s fun to think back to your first kiss (or see if either of you can remember your first kiss or where it took place) and find out what memories have made an impact on each of you! (Check out this video from Juggling the Jenkins for a good laugh!!) For even more of a blast from the past, hop on YouTube and check out some of the old TV show episodes and answer the questions along with the contestants. Don’t forget the pens and paper!
  • Paint, Dance, or Nailed It!

    • Speaking of YouTube… There are all sorts of date nights just waiting for a search! 
    • Search out a specific kind of dance and lookup How-To videos (Fox Trot, anyone?).
    • Pull up a Bob Ross video (or some other paint ‘class’ video) and paint some happy little trees together! 
    • Have a Pinterest Nailed It competition! (Is anyone else obsessed with that show on Netflix?!) Come on ladies, we all know you have a Pinterest board you can pull inspiration from. Top off the fun with judging each other’s sweet treats!
  • Elbow to Elbow Time in the Kitchen

    • Where are my couples that enjoy being in the kitchen together!? Hop on Pinterest and pick out a recipe that you normally wouldn’t make for dinner. Something just a little fancy and that the kids won’t eat. Make the kids something easy that they normally don’t have, settle them down with a movie or put them to bed early, and get cooking. 
      • Get the fancy dishes out. Set the table with some candles. Pop that bottle of wine and cook a delicious special meal together. Sit down at your own kitchen table and enjoy a HOT meal and a little small talk with your lover!
  • Tried and True For a Reason!

    • Not feeling it today? Just want your yoga pants and the couch? I hear you, Momma!!! When those kiddos are in bed, grab those chocolates, pop some popcorn, get something to drink, turn those lights down, and watch a movie! You can snuggle up to your sweetheart and catch the latest blockbuster or enjoy a blast-from-the-past to bring back fond memories! Movie date night to the rescue!

A Date Night on the Town

Are you in the mood for a date night that’s out of the house, but your budget is still recovering from Christmas? Keep reading for a few fun ideas for budget-friendly things to do around town!

  • Vinyl Lover? 

    • -Check out Titletown Brewing Co. on Thursday Nights! Bring your favorite albums, grab a good brew, and relax with your honey to some good tunes.
  • Trivia Buffs Unite! 

    • Grab your Valentine, and a good drink and take on those Trivia Questions!
    • America’s Pub Quiz has many trivia nights at many locations in Northeast Wisconsin.
    • Anduzzi’s Trivia on Wednesday Nights
    • Bingo Anyone? 

      • The Bar on Lime Kiln has Music Bingo on Wednesday nights!
  • Missing the Packers Already? 

    • The Titletown District has all sorts of things going on this Valentine’s Day to keep you close to Lambeau!
      • Go skating
      • Sit by the fire
      • Exercise
      • Or enjoy some sports
      • Don’t forget about visiting The Turn for a night of great food, drinks, and fun!  They’re even having a Valentine’s Day Event with the NEW Piano Guys!
  • In need of a few laughs this Valentine’s Day? 

    • -Did you know we have a comedy club right here in Green Bay? Check out The Green Room for a lighthearted Valentine’s Date! (They have Trivia nights also!)

No matter what you do with your Honey this Valentine’s day, whether you stay in or go out, just enjoy each other. We can get so wrapped up in the kids, jobs, cleaning, and errands that our relationships with our Significant Others get pushed to the back burner.  While a commercial holiday, it’s a good excuse to let the stress of the holidays fade away and concentrate on strengthening your bond to each other.

Tell us!  What is your favorite Valentine’s Day date????

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