To all Green Bay Area Dads – Thank you!


Green Bay Area Mom wants to send a shout-out to all the Green Bay Area dads (and like dads) that support us.

Thank you for all that you do!

Green Bay Area Dad

Our lives have been impacted so much by your strength, loyalty, and perseverance.  All the time and energy you put towards your families pays off and we appreciate you for it.

In that spirit, I have asked community members to share what they love about their dad.  Enjoy!

What makes your dad special?  Responses from kids

When I can play in the playground or park!

He can fix anything!

My dad makes people smile and feel good about themselves. He is fun to be around and has lots of dumb Dad Jokes

He is special for being himself, he doesn’t try to show off for anyone, he’s just real.

When he plays games with us, especially video games.

Dad takes us on “Daddy Dates” ie. McDonald’s

When he takes us to places.

Dad plays with us. He helps us with our problems.

Dad is funny.

“I can’t wait to be a dad so I can tell dad jokes”

Dad builds good things.

I love Dad because he encourages me while teaching and showing me the right way to do something.

I enjoy playing football with my dad and siblings.  I love catching the long passes he throws.  I also enjoy what we call “Monster Game time” where dad plays video games and we watch.  I appreciate his time and participation in what he does.  Thanks be to the Lord for such an amazing dad.

My dad is the most passionate man, especially when it comes to the environment and improving our community. Growing up, I was always in awe of all the projects he was working on. He’s been retired for 15 years and the projects and passion have not lessened. Makes me very proud to be his daughter.

Dad is fun, mom’s a buzz kill lol …but truly, if they were raised by a single mom they wouldn’t be as adventurous, etc…

My husband is my rock, and I am so grateful he is the person I get to raise the next generation with. His kindness, patience, and unwavering faith in his Christian beliefs have shaped not only our child’s life but mine as well. His commitment to integrate both of our cultures so our son can grow up learning about them equally, shows just the surface of how caring and involved he is. He has shown us the true meaning of love, and his gentle nature has created a nurturing environment where our family flourishes. And, of course, his dad jokes never fail to bring smiles and laughter, reminding us of the joy and lightheartedness he brings to our lives. My son has a superhero, always loving, call-me-if-you-need me type of father and we love him endlessly! Happy Father’s Day💕

My dad was a hands-on dad at a time when that was not the norm.

One of my dad’s partner’s was a lovely influence in my life. I babysat for him and his 8 children who were so well behaved. This man listened to me share things I was working through in my teen years and was a positive male role model for me. I wrote him a letter as an adult thanking him for driving me to/from his home to babysit and sharing his wisdom with me. Those car rides were instrumental in shaping me into a person of character and teaching me how a loving, healthy marriage and family dynamic look.
Not all father figures are related by blood. Every Father’s Day I am thankful for the strong men who helped guide me to where I am today.
My husband worked two jobs through my kids’ growing-up years so I could be home with and homeschool them. Even with as busy as that made him, he always made time for the girls. In fact, he took on our homeschool art lessons because he’s a graphic artist by training, and he managed our nighttime routine every night unless he was away, which always included – well into the kids’ teen years – reading aloud from classic literature. And some of my kids’ happiest memories – attending the annual homeschool father-child campouts and father-daughter Valentine’s Day dances – revolve around him. He doesn’t see himself as “the perfect father,” but my girls sure do.
My husband works nights and sleeps during the day. Even exhausting in the morning, he tries to let me sleep in and takes care of the kids. He plays with them, tickles them, loves on them. He is their favorite person in the world, and the best father I could imagine for my babies. He’s passionate, imaginative, and brings so much energy into our lives. I thank God for him every day.
My dad always tries to give us every opportunity he could, very hard worker and kept pushing us to be our best. I’m so thankful for him!
My husband is learning how to be a father to our two very young children. It’s so amazing to watch the bond our children share with him. He is a hard worker and has so many ideas for our future. Very happy and proud that our children have a dad like him to look up to in their lives.
My Dad has taught me more about giving and being selfless than anyone I know.  He would give complete strangers the shirt off his back.
My husband is a great father to our children.  He provides for our family every day in so many ways.  He is a hard worker, loyal, willing to help all those around him, and teaches our kids lessons that I can’t.  We may be complete opposites but we fill each other’s weaknesses and our children are benefitting from that.  I wouldn’t be able to homeschool, run GBAM, or even take care of the kids without his strength and support.

We appreciate you!

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