40+ Easter Basket filler ideas for teens and tweens


Once our children start to transition away from younger elementary interests, it seems that finding items to fill their baskets can become a bit more of a challenge.  As I prepared to write this article, I did a quick search online for some “teen and tween Easter Basket fillers”, and I was shocked to see the suggestions from online retailers – most of the items on their lists ranged from $30-$400 (!).  In our home, we have tried to keep Easter baskets a mix of things for spending more time outdoors, as well as mixing in some fun other items of interest.  

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I have compiled a list of ideas for kids in those tween/teen ages – these suggestions would generally be for ages 10-15.  Most items on this list should generally be able to be found for $25 and under, with a few items going above that mark as what I would call “big ticket” items.  The items marked ** are highly endorsed by my own 12-year-old as “super cool”.  

  1. Swimsuits 
  2. Swim cover-ups/rash guards 
  3. Pool Towels
  4. Swimming goggles
  5. Sports equipment (frisbee, balls)**
  6. Shoes that can get wet (I got some sandals at Target for $10 last week!)**
  7. Water balloons (We love Bunch O Balloons!)
  8. Bike helmet 
  9. Sunglasses 
  10. Hats
  11. Gardening items 
  12. Bike accessories (basket, etc)
  13. Sidewalk chalk (my kids are 10 & 12 and still love to play with chalk!)
  14. Gummy candy 
  15. Mr. Beast Chocolate Bar (We have found these at Walmart)**
  16. Water flavoring (packets or squirt bottles)
  17. Small bags of chips, cookies, fruit snacks, microwave popcorn
  18. Soda or energy drinks (if you allow)
  19. Freeze-dried candy**
  20. Freeze pops that you put in the freezer
  21. Device cord 
  22. Device case 
  23. PopSockets/Devices accessories 
  24. Squishmallows**
  25. Action figures 
  26. Portable device charger 
  27. Room decor items**
  28. Small Bluetooth speaker 
  29. Small lego set 
  30. Art supplies 
  31. Book
  32. Fidgets 
  33. Card games (ie: Uno, Cards Against Humanity packs for teens, etc) 
  34. Nerf Blaster**
  35. Journal & writing supplies 
  36. Gift cards for fast food, online gaming, App Store**
  37. Makeup & hair items**
  38. Bath & body products 
  39. Water bottle**
  40. Spring/summer clothing
  41. Croc charms or sneaker balls (sneaker balls are great for stinky summer feet!)
  42. Small tokens for experiences (like sleeping in, staying up late)**

If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional Easter basket selection found in the seasonal section of your local big box store, here are a few that we have used in the past.  

  • Small reusable bag or backpack 
  • Storage bin for bedroom  
  • Plastic tote with lid 
  • Fabric square bin to fit into a storage cube 

I have really liked going with one of these the last several years, since we can find something that is more suitable for regular use, instead of just being used for Easter each year.  

If you have an idea that I did not share above, please share it as a comment – I’m always looking for more ideas!  

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