Don’t Call It Body Positivity


Let me just stand here on my soapbox for one minute and call out those ladies who say they are promoting body positivity, but all they do is post pictures of themselves in low-cut shirts and booty shorts. Now, I am not saying they aren’t body positive or don’t look beautiful, but you don’t have to show off every inch of skin in order to love your body.  They are extremely brave and undeniably beautiful, but you will not find a picture of me half-naked on the internet even if I was a size 2 instead of 12. When a young girl sees that as an example that is what she will desire to achieve. We need to take a deeper look and fuel inner self-love and body positivity… A love so bright from the inside that it radiates!

If I comment about my size, more often than not I get, “no you are not, you’re beautiful”, so does that mean that big isn’t beautiful?? I am fat. There is even a piece of paper I get from my doctor and it says so, right there in black and white. It is an undisputed FACT. Now to clarify, I am not calling myself names, putting myself down, or fishing for a compliment. I love myself, and I am not ashamed of my body but the flat out ugly and dirty truth is I am fat.

body positivityTo me, the ultimate body-positive person is someone who can love themselves no matter what they are wearing, because if you truly love yourself the size of your clothes or the number on the scale does not matter. Encouraging women to love themselves not showing skin is how to promote self-love and true body positivity. Seeing photos of models and IG influencers in all shapes and sizes does help but it is not required to skimp around barely clothed.

All my love,
Nichole Garcia
Size 12 at 5 ft tall and unashamed

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Nichole is a thirty-something wife and mother currently living in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She was however, born and raised in Texas and lived there until her early 20s. Nichole was a Combat Medic in the US Army and met a boy in her Advanced Training. They were inseparable from the day they met and she moved to the Midwest for love. Their story is a crazy one but it’s theirs and simply because of that, it’s obvs her favorite! Nichole considers herself a Jack of Many Trades, yet Master of None. She works full time in corporate marketing and has a photography business. She loves to take pretty pictures (Squid Photography) and share love through a warm meal. Her schedule is always full and it makes her a little crazy sometimes but she covets all the relationships that have arisen from the chaos. Nichole’s biggest and greatest accomplishment was receiving the title of “Mother”. She and her husband, Jeremy, were triply blessed with handsome boys! Peyton John Michael, their oldest is 14, a high school freshman, and probably smarter than her! Middle son, Piercen Rush is 10, in 4th grade and has the kindest heart! Their youngest Sir Pennington Matthews is 8 going on 18, he is loud and crazy! She claims her house is always a mess, they are always coming or going and she and her husband barely talk about anything in the “Adult” category but she absolutely LOVES her life! And can’t wait to share it with you!