Laura is a small-town Wisconsin girl who’s made her home in De Pere for the last 15 years. She has a journalism degree from UW-Oshkosh and works as a copy editor and freelance writer when she’s not working on a novel, running, or teaching yoga. Her family includes her husband, two daughters at home, and an adult stepson and daughter-in-law, both of whom serve our country in the U.S. Marine Corps. What I love most about living in this area: Visiting the Brown County libraries, running on the Fox River Trail and cheering for the Green Bay Packers!
minivan express

All aboard the Minivan Express!

My family members are sticklers for tradition, most especially during the holidays. What’s fascinating to me is that some of the traditions and stories that came out of nowhere or last-minute desperation are the...
Book Club

Help Us Improve the Green Bay Area Mom Book Club!

The truth has definitely been stranger than fiction this year!  When Amanda and I put together a plan for the Green Bay Area Mom Book Club late last year, we thought we’d have fun...
second-day suppers; white chicken lasagna

Secrets of Second-Day Suppers

In some households, “leftovers” is a dirty word, but not mine. In fact, my people prefer some of my dishes on the second or even third day. That’s because I’ve mastered the art of...
Traveling the country during COVID-19

Tips For Traveling The Country During COVID

Some people say we are crazy. Many people say they are jealous. I suppose that’s what happens when your family decides to take a year and travel the country during a pandemic. Quick background My husband...
free yoga classes

Nama-Stay In Shape: Free Yoga Classes!

In my extremely biased opinion, anytime is a good time to practice yoga. But this summer, in particular, taking yoga classes – especially outdoors in the sunshine – is a fantastic way to move...
Book Club

More Titles! Green Bay Area Moms Blog Book Club Expands!

ICYMI, after our last (small-ish) book club meeting in June at Pamperin Park, Amanda and the others thought we should be discussing these book titles more regularly, just to keep our Green Bay Area...
weird summer; facemasks hanging on clothes line

School’s out! Welcome to weird summer 2020

Not going to lie. I’m not looking forward to summer vacation this year. I kind of like the structure of the school year and, call me selfish, the time to myself when my kids...
cooking during quarantine

Cooking During Quarantine: Restaurant Week at Home

During these last several weeks of isolation with my family, I feel like I’ve traded in my chauffeurs’ cap for a chef’s hat. My kitchen, which used to be my sanctuary for meal preparation,...
mindful meditation

Even Busy Moms Need Mindful Meditation

When I say the words “mindful meditation,” what image comes to mind? Something akin to a Buddhist monk sitting cross-legged in a tranquil garden, right? He’s wearing robes; his eyes are closed. He is...
Girls' Trip in TX

Call Your Friends. Pack Your Bags. You Need a Girls’ Trip!

There’s no denying that I’m a bit obsessed with travel. In fact, I am still unpacking from a recent five-day girls’ trip to Austin. But I had an “a-ha!” moment on this most recent...