Laura is a small-town Wisconsin girl who’s made her home in De Pere for the last 15 years. She has a journalism degree from UW-Oshkosh and works as a copy editor and freelance writer when she’s not working on a novel, running, or teaching yoga. Her family includes her husband, two daughters at home, and an adult stepson and daughter-in-law, both of whom serve our country in the U.S. Marine Corps. What I love most about living in this area: Visiting the Brown County libraries, running on the Fox River Trail and cheering for the Green Bay Packers!
glasses on books

Vote for your Green Bay Area Moms Blog Book Club titles!

Green Bay Area Moms Blog book club update: Huge thanks go out to all of you moms who voted for our 2020 book club selections! I am blown away by the number of readers who...
woman jumping because she has more energy

5 Tips for More Energy in 2020

Welcome to January – the “Monday” of the calendar year. The holidays are over (though they left their mark on my waistline), and now we hunker down into winter and start praying for an...
hot cocoa in winter snow

Embrace Winter Like the Norwegians

I’m not a “Game of Thrones” fan, but winter is coming. In fact, I'd say it’s solidly here. How many of you scrambled like I did when we got that October snowfall to find kids'...
advent calendar stockings

Count Down to Christmas with an Advent Activities Calendar

Two things I don’t love about this time of year: All the busy-ness. And all the candy. We are a Catholic family, and my husband and I think it is important to participate in Advent...
fun run, children running

Fall Family Fun Runs

There’s something about the cooler temperatures and the freshness in the air that makes fall a fabulous time to run outdoors. Which is probably why fun run race organizers in northeast Wisconsin have been...
clock in leaves

Stress Less Through Time Management

What’s the one wish of every busy mom? More hours in the day, right? Ironically, time is the one resource that is distributed equally. Every person on the planet gets the exact same 24...
Stepfamily Day graphic - paper cutouts

Perfectly Blended: Celebrating Stepfamilies on National Stepfamily Day

I love writing for Green Bay Area Moms Blog because typically these posts almost compose themselves. In all honesty, it usually takes me longer to create the accompanying graphic than it does to organize...
Travel with your kids

Give Your Kids the World: Travel

Our neighbors feign surprise when they see our vehicles in the garage. My best friend once asked me, “Why do you guys even have a house?” Yes, it’s true. We travel. A lot. As I write...

What will you do with an empty nest?

The robins have returned and are once again building a nest on our back deck. I love that our family gets an up-close view as we await the arrival of those beautiful blue eggs,...
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Save Money on Groceries (No Matter Where You Shop)

How many times have you run into the grocery store for just a few things … only to wind up with a full cart? The other day, I had to grab a couple items...