Our Trip to Earthaven Museum


Rocks, fossils, and gems are all a fascination for my kids.  They love to hunt for the prettiest rocks on all beaches, fields, or just gravel driveways.  We had the opportunity to join a field trip group to visit Earthaven Museum, which filled their cups full with fantastic rock-collecting fun.

Earthaven Museum fossil rockEarthaven Museum rocksWe arrived and were greeted by the owners of the property.  They instantly showed my kids around the yard, where there are many rock piles to look at.  Displays of fossils, copper, and amazing rock specimens can be found everywhere around the museum property.


Earthaven Museum prairie

Earthaven Museum trail

Earthaven also has many hiking trails to enjoy.  We went on those first.  The kids really enjoyed looking for animal tracks, and caterpillars, and we even saw a couple of deer in the woods.


Once we got back, we went into the museum.  All the rocks and minerals were placed in beautiful display cases.  Many of the rocks were collected in Wisconsin and the UP, although the owners lived and traveled to many other places to find their collection also.  We learned all about all the types of minerals, their uses, and special properties, such as phosphorescence.

Earthaven Museum Earthaven Museum display caseEarthaven Museum glowing rocks

We then purchased some rocks, because of course my kids couldn’t leave without some.  The profits from our purchases went to keeping the museum running and the admission was FREE!

Earthaven Museum is located at 7599 Fifield Rd, Gillet, Wisconsin, and it is open by appointment only.

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