How I Recharge my Batteries with a Quick Trip

A crisp morning in Northern Wisconsin for recharging my batteriesSometimes all it takes is a night or two away from home to recharge my batteries.  My favorite way to accomplish this is with a quick trip to northern Wisconsin where our family cabin is.  I find it is an inexpensive way to regroup, enjoy some different scenery, and avoid housework. Although we all know what’s waiting for us when we get home.
Since our kids have been doing virtual school for about a year, we were able to take a trip in the middle of the week. That’s one aspect I love of virtual- it’s easier to get a jumpstart on a vacation, as long as you have wifi where you are going.
As I look ahead to the last few months of the school year, I’m now looking for more ways to make amazing memories with my kids and recharge my batteries.
The planning now begins for spring break 2021!  Since our family enjoys hotels with water parks, I’m watching for deals on
Water Park Fun
We are planning on a two-night getaway to a place we can socially distance and stay safe. I’m packing board games, food, swim gear, books, some wine, and, of course, masks. 
To save money, we look for a place with a kitchen. I will pack easy food to cook, snacks, and lots of water. We enjoy patronizing local businesses and it’s always fun to try new places, so we will order out one night while we’re there.
And while it seems like moms are always planning and looking ahead, it’s important to remember that you need to enjoy the time away, take a few pictures, and make memories that last a lifetime.  Being present with my family is the best way to recharge my momma batteries after all.  
Now the planning begins for summer; I’m excited to see what our school district has planned for summer school. My kids love summer school and as a parent, I appreciate that the learning and fun continue.  And if you’re looking for a great summer camp, check out our 2021 Summer Camps Guide!