The Day the Magic Dies…


The day the magic dies…
To all the parents out there…How do you do it? Do you tell them, do they figure it out, or does one of their friends ruin it for you?

The day the magic dies tooth fairyNow, I know that not everyone will believe in doing these traditions, so I’m prefacing with that. As children get older, the magic seems to disappear. No, I’m not talking about just the parent time that we get to snuggle with our kiddos, although that too starts to disappear. I’m talking about sneaking into your child’s room because they just lost a tooth, or waiting until they fall asleep to channel your inner rabbit who has a candy addiction. Or my favorite, eating the cookies and drinking the…oh wait, I still have no issues with that one…hahaha.

Last night, my oldest child lost a molar; which really isn’t the part that makes the magic go away. Now, whenever I try to put on my wings and flutter into her room, she wakes up. What gives? Last night, I just couldn’t wait until my oldest fell asleep as she is like her dad, a total night owl. So, I conjured up a spell plan for the next morning. I went into her room and of course, the door squeaked. I held my breath, and just as I was about to exhale, I hear “Hello…who’s there?” Think fast mama…”It’s me, honey, I just forgot to put conditioner in my hair and I need to borrow your leave-in conditioner. Just go back to sleep, you have a while before you need to be up,” Oh…that one was good – I was even surprised I could think that fast.

Operation Tooth Fairy has been completed. Phew!

I started thinking about the fact that my 12-year-old still believed in all of these things. Hmmm…should I tell her? Yeah, I probably should, seventh grade might be a little late to have her find out from a peer. Okay…so I decided when it was just the two of us that I would approach the subject. We talked about how much she had gotten from the Tooth Fairy and then I asked her, “You know how it’s so much fun to believe in things and have fun in things that are fantastical?” Well, she said, “Mom, I already knew that all those things weren’t real because so and so told me in fourth grade.” I almost stopped the car. “But, I really love thinking that those things can happen, plus, I didn’t want the gifts to go away if I didn’t believe.”

What a little stinker. Although, I only have a little longer of her brother having the innocence; so honestly, I’m really glad she’s a good actor; even if it does mean my littles are growing up.

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