A life reminder from some pants

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I saw some pants 2 years ago in a group I’m part of and they were highly recommended.  They were said to be comfortable, affordable, available in a few colors, wash well, and would transition nicely from day to night.  Sounds incredible, right?  I bought them in 2 colors, so excited to see how chic they would make me look.  I tried them with many business casual outfits, and I just did not like them, so they sat in the closet for nearly 2 years.  Every time I looked at them, I was annoyed that they didn’t work out for me like they had for others in the group.  Today I had a day off and I was getting ready for errands.  I saw them in the closet and thought, “Let me give them a try as a casual pant with a tshirt.”  BOOM.  Perfection.  They were never meant to be part of my “work wardrobe” – they were always supposed to be casual for me.  

I’m an introspective person so it didn’t take long for me to see the parallels of being a parent.  As parents, we often have ideals about what our life will look like with kids at growing ages and evolving stages.  From before our babies are born, we know if we want to bottle feed, breastfeed, cloth diaper, baby wear, etc, and sometimes life gives us a big reality check.  Babies become children who become tweens and eventually they are teens, and the older they get, the less our plans are absolute.  We can either be frustrated that our notions didn’t work out, or we can adjust and acknowledge that maybe it was never meant to be that way for us, our kids and our families.  

Sometimes we look at the situation with fresh eyes and realize that we needed to reframe our thinking, and that helps us see everything as it was intended.  

The pants are casual pants.  Your family is exquisite.  Everything is awesome.  Learn to love the changes…. it’s just as it should be. 💚

(I’m not a fashion blogger and the pants are no longer available in stores, but trust me… they would never have worked on me as a business casual outfit.)

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