Tips for Moving to Green Bay, Wisconsin


Tips for moving to Green Bay, Wisconsin. A year ago today, I was driving 1000 miles to my new home that I had actually never seen before in Greenbay, Wisconsin. I look back on this memory with pride because my husband and myself shifted the focus of our family from running on E to a mostly full tank.

A year ago, we were both working full-time jobs outside of the home, paying an insane amount in property taxes, keeping up with the Jones’ to some extent, and barely having enough time left over for our 1-year-old at the time.

The Midwest was calling us both for different reasons; for me, it was the slower pace of being the primary caretaker for our children, and for my husband, it was moving back to his hometown to give our kids a different life. Even though I was on board with the decision, as the boat began pulling away, I did a ton of pouting, regretting, and whining about how I didn’t want to move to the tundra, even once I first moved here.

A year later, I can say I am confident in this decision we made and now see why this really is the best place for our whole family. I know that I may eat these words one day but I did actually enjoy the Wisconsin winter and slowly but surely began to fall in love with a town I had not anticipated enjoying.

For other Moms, moving to the area… Here are some tips for those making the move to Green Bay, Wisconsin!

1. Location, Location & Location – this is the one I spent the most time stressing and pouting about. My husband sold me on moving to one suburb of Green Bay and I was fixated on finding a house in that area. The issue was, we lost bids on somewhere between 9-11 houses, and with a toddler and being pregnant at the time, we could not wait a year to find a house. As a result, we bought, sight unseen, a house in a neighborhood on the west side.

I thought we were ruining our lives with the house (pregnancy hormones). Anyhow, we love it here. For those that have never lived here, there really is not a bad part of Green Bay. It was actually just ranked the safest city in the country. People are super friendly, nice and the area is safe. Just keep that in mind when you get recommendations on where you want to live. It really is not the end all be all.

The schools are something to consider but relative to where we were living on the East Coast, I honestly think the worst-ranked schools in the area may outweigh even some of the best districts over there.

2. Recommendations- this one took me a while to understand. You want to get recommendations from other people. It’s hard to explain but the word of mouth here is strong. The people in the area have a lot of pride in their town and because of that known where some of the best things are and how to get the best experience.

It’s worth asking neighbors, friends, or the Green Bay Area Mom Community questions when you don’t know much about the area. Before moving to Green Bay, I always relied on Google, but your best bet is word of mouth!

This brings me to my next point…

3. Shop local- the feeling you get shopping local here is something I have never felt before. I feel the pride put into every business I support. This state sees the value in its customers; it’s something I hope Green Bay and Wisconsin never lose.

4. Get outside- there really is so much to see here. There are tons of parks that include playgrounds, hiking trails, campsites, and activities for every season. Enjoy it and if the weather is nice don’t take it for granted!!  Check out Heckrodt Wetland Reserve!

5. Slow down – this may not be for every person coming out of town to this area but my east coast self was overly scheduled, caffeinated, road raged, & ready to make plans. I have noticed here I don’t need to be so prepared.

Things really do work themselves out. I think a big part of that is because of how helpful people are, but the resources are also surprisingly accommodating.

6. Just a caution really when someone asks you if you want a drink or if you ask someone if they want a drink… they are referring to alcohol so please be sure to be specific! Yes even when you’re pregnant!!

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