Park Preview – Langlade Park

Park Preview - Langlade Park feature image

Langlade Park

I’ve lived in the Allouez area for years and never knew this cute little park existed! Langlade Park is tucked between Langlade Elementary School and the Broadview YMCA with a parking lot on one side and tennis courts on the other. While the playground is on the smaller side, it is newer and modern with plenty of fun things to do. There is also a small pavilion right by the playground area with a few picnic tables.


Park Preview - Langlade Park playground park playground tennis courts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is this park located?  The address for Langlade Park is 394 Broadview Dr, Allouez, WI 54301.

What type of ground cover does the playground have?  Wood Chips

Are there any sports fields or courts at this park?  Yes, tennis courts.

Are there shade areas in the park?  There is a picnic table under a large tree, as well as the pavilion area.

Is there a Mommy and Me swing?  No

Does this park have a splash pad, pool, or access to a lake or river?  No

Does the park have a bathroom? Yes, but I believe it’s only unlocked if the shelter is rented.

Is there a building or pavilion that I can rent?  Yes, Langlade Park has an open shelter people can rent. View rental info here.

Are there any walking trails?  No.

Are there picnic areas?  Yes


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