Park Preview – Lakeside Place


Park Preview - Lakeside Place playground

Lakeside  Place

Lakeside Place is a small park near the bay.  It has some shade and a fence to keep kids away from the street.  It is down an alleyway, so there are houses surrounding the park.  The building is very small but does have restrooms.

Park Preview - Lakeside Place swings

Park Preview - Lakeside Place balance table




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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of ground cover does the playground have?  Wood Chips

Are there any sports fields or courts at this park?  Lakeside Place is a very small park, but it does have a basketball and volleyball court.

Is there shade areas in the park?  Lakeside Place is mostly shaded.

Is there a Mommy and Me swing?  No

Does this park have a splash pad, pool or access to a lake or river?  No

Is there a sledding hill at this park?  No

Does the park have a bathroom? Yes

Is there an area for pets? Yes, Green Bay Parks allows leashed dogs but they are not allowed on the playgrounds, picnic areas or buildings .  You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog’s waste.  More information at the Brown County Ordinance Website.

Are there campsites at this park?  No

Is there a building or pavilion that I can rent? Yes, Lakeside Place has a small building that you can rent.  Capacity is 6 people closed and 18 people open. Visit the Facilities Rental Page at for more information.

Is there any walking trails?  No

Are there picnic areas? Yes, there are a couple of picnic tables at the park.


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