Park Preview – Kiwanis Park


Kiwanis Park

If you’re driving down East River Drive in Allouez, you might drive right past Kiwanis Park and not even notice it. The park entrance is somewhat hidden and the playground and other amenities aren’t visible from the road. But once inside, you will see ample parking spots, newly constructed pickleball courts, several soccer fields, and an amazing playground.

Kiwanis Park is between a beautiful wooded area, wide open grassy soccer fields, and the East River. Access to the East River Trail runs right alongside the playground, and there is an additional body of water nearby usually filled with ducks and geese where people like to fish.

The playground has everything a child could want! There are swings, two slides, a teeter-totter, and plenty of fun things to climb on, including a rock wall. My children’s favorite feature is the scavenger hunt game, where different shapes are hidden all around the playground equipment.

Kiwanis Park is a picturesque spot to visit with plenty to do for both children and adults!


playground equipment 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of ground cover does the playground have?  Wood chips.

Are there any sports fields or courts at this park?  Yes, pickleball courts and several soccer fields.

Are there shade areas in the park?  Yes, there are tons of trees all over the park, as well as a pavilion.

Is there a Mommy and Me swing?  No.

Does this park have a splash pad, pool, or access to a lake or river?  This park is along the East River with another body of water nearby.

Does the park have a bathroom? Yes.

Is there a building or pavilion that I can rent?  Yes, there is a small outdoor pavilion that is available to rent.  Find out more information on renting here.

Are there any walking trails?  Yes, the East River Trail goes right alongside this park.

Are there picnic areas?  Yes


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