Park Preview: Green Isle Park


Green Isle Park in Allouez has it all! An amazing pavilion with tons of picnic tables, tennis courts, a baseball diamond, access to the East River Trail, plenty of parking, open fields to run around in, and a brand new playground that is almost finished.

The swing area of the playground is still being completed, but the rest of the playground is ready to go. There are separate areas for little ones and big kids to play, as well as a Burke Cruiser, which has room for two wheelchairs and up to 12 children of all abilities to play on. The playground area has the pour-in-place (PIP) rubber, which makes the play experience even better.

Park Preview - Green Isle Park slides Park Preview - Green Isle Park playground Park Preview - Green Isle Park playground equiptment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is this park located?  The address for Green Isle Park is 900 Greene Ave, Allouez, WI 54301.

What type of ground cover does the playground have?  Pour-in-place (PIP) rubber.

Are there any sports fields or courts at this park?  Yes, tennis courts and a baseball diamond. Youth soccer teams also use the open fields in early summer.

Are there shade areas in the park?  There are tons of trees all over the park, as well as a pavilion and a newly-constructed gazebo.

Is there a Mommy and Me swing?  The swings are not fully constructed yet.

Does this park have a splash pad, pool or access to a lake or river?  This park is along the East River.

Does the park have a bathroom? Yes.

Is there a building or pavilion that I can rent?  Yes, there is a great pavilion that can be rented throughout the year. It is heated, has kitchen & bathroom facilities, and can provide tables and chairs for up to 170 people. View rental info here.

Are there any walking trails?  Yes, the East River Trail goes through Green Isle Park.

Are there picnic areas?  Yes


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