Park Preview: Broadview Soccer Complex

Park Preview - Broadview Soccer Complex feature image

Broadview Soccer Complex

If you’re looking for a playground, you will not find it at Broadview Soccer Complex; however, if you’re looking for a great spot to play soccer, this is it! Tons of soccer fields, a nice pavilion with picnic tables, and plenty of parking.


Park Preview - Broadview Soccer Complex fieldPark Preview - Broadview Soccer Complex shelter

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is this park located? The address for Broadview Soccer Complex is 2800 E River Dr, Allouez, WI 54301.

Are there any sports fields or courts at this park?  Yes, soccer fields.

Are there shade areas in the park?  The only shade is under the pavilion.

Does the park have a bathroom? Yes, inside the pavilion.

Are there picnic areas?  There are picnic tables inside the pavilion.

Are pets allowed at this park?  Yes, find the Allouez Pet Policy here.


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