2022 Fox Valley Light Show Tour!


It’s time again for our 2022 light show tour!  You will see that I mention most of these shows have a charity that they give to, so I suggest bringing along some cash to share the love at the shows.  

This year we loaded up the kids (ages 7-13) with their coziest car blankets and off we went!  

We started at 706 N Main Street in Seymour, which was our northern-most stop.  The town featured many festively-decorated homes we saw on our way, and the display had a cool feature of being largely comprised of upcycled lights and decorations which were donated and fixed up by the owner – he affectionately called it the Island of Misfit Lights.  He even has a special guest at the display on the weekends!  

Seymour Light show

Charity of choice: Salvation Army 

Favored feature: We really liked the many lit-up trees.

Our next stop was Christmas @ Cornrow in Combined Locks.  They are adding new music each week and they offer a Letters to Santa mailbox.  

Combined Locks light show

Charity of choice: Local families who are experiencing medical hardships

Favored feature: Great use of color.

(Sorry for the blurry photo!)

From here, we headed back to see some shows we loved last year.  

We stopped next at Clover Ridge Trail.  This is a husband and wife team who program their show together.  The music is a nice mix of religious and secular tunes.  This show has great Christmas spirit.  

Clover Ridge Trail light show

Favored feature: Loved the mega tree and smaller pieces – lots of detail.  

It’s a quick drive to Lights @ Kimberly Heights.  This show featured a couple of kid-at-heart songs mixed with the traditional seasonal music.  They do a nice job with their show – it’s always a pleasure to see.  

Kimberly Heights light show

Charity of choice: St Jude’s 

Favored Feature: The kids always love the Catchy Song (yes, that’s what it’s called!).

We have one more stop in this area at N172 Crooked Pine (or as we call it, The Disney House).  This show always features some Disney elements, and the addition of the LCD screen on the roof was really fun this year.  

Crooked Pine Light Show

Charity of Choice: Children’s Hospital of WI

Favored Feature: We love the whimsical details!

From here, we took a drive-thru dinner break and headed toward Oshkosh.  

Our next stop was at Sunnybrook in Oshkosh.  We really liked their musical mix, as well as the mix of traditional and LED lights.  

Sunnybrook light show

Favored Feature: Mega Tree display

After this, we drove over to Brody’s Christmas Lights for Charity.  This is programmed by a local 13 year old and it’s a lot of fun to watch this show grow each year.

Brody's Christmas Light show

Charity of Choice: Oshkosh Kids Foundation 

Favored Feature: Driveway arch and roofline 

Our final city of the night is Omro, but really, these last 2 stops are 2 blocks from each other and less than a 10 minute drive from Brody’s.  

Next was Benesch Lights on Georgetown.  This is their 2nd year, and we really liked the new details this year.  

Benesch Light Show

Favored feature: Great use of light!

Our final stop of our 2022 light show tour, was FisherlightShow.  This show relocated this year from Berlin, and expanded in their new location.  We loved seeing all of the new details – this show is always last for us because it’s our favorite!  

Fisher Light Show

Charity of Choice: Angel Fund through Omro School District 

Favored Feature: 2 big matrices 

For those inquiring minds, we arrived at the first home at 5:05 PM, we had 2 bathroom stops, 2 drive-thru dinner stops, a drive-thru dessert stop, and pulled into our last show at 9:05 PM, so as you can see, it was a pretty full evening! 

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