To My Dearest Love


To My Dearest Love

To My Dearest Love,

I was 16 years old when we met. Do you remember? I walked into that Holiday gas station with a few of my friends and there you were. It was as though you spoke to me even though you hadn’t said a word. You looked so hot that day. I cut across the store so that I could be near you. We were so close that I noticed how amazing you smelled. My life was forever changed that day.

The peace that comes over me when I see you each and every morning is unexplainable. Just thinking of you gives me joy. Whether I am snuggling with you on the couch or we are visiting with friends, you make all my moments better.

Many times I wondered how I would get through the long nights of new born babies but you were always there to encourage and energize me for the day to come. The fact that my children are still alive is all due to you calming me down on hard days! And I cannot give you enough gratitude for the help you give me when the house needs to be cleaned.

You are my best friend! I will gladly share with you all of my problems and worries. They seem to melt away when I hold you close. We have so many wonderful memories that we share! You were with me after my children were born. There when friends needed to talk. It was you that supported me through my college years. And you were always right next to me on every road trip I took. But my favorite memories with you are when we sit in absolute quiet and I just enjoy your company.

Coffee, you are My Dearest Love and I am forever in your debt!


A stressed and over tired mom

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Jennifer is the co-owner of Green Bay Area Mom. She is a mother of 4 children ages 11 and under, residing in Suamico with her husband Brett of 14 years. She achieved her Bachelors of Science degree at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay, majoring in Psychology and Human Development. Jennifer invests the hours of her day into homeschooling her children, reading books, having coffee with friends, and teaching others about finances and personal development. She serves people through LIFE Leadership, passionate about helping friends improve their lives by learning different information. Jennifer loves the people in GB and the fun things to do here.