Thanksgiving Crafts for the Whole Family


The holidays are upon us. Halloween just ghosted out and the turkey is gobbling up the days to Thanksgiving. If your family is hoping to add a little homemade decoration to your Thanksgiving table here are a few different ideas for different ages.

Yes! Little ones can add to the décor during the holidays!

  • Check out this cute coffee filter turkey that you can use for name tags or labeling all the amazing food you are having! If you’d like the itty-bitty littles to help, you can pre-paint (or have the bigs help out) and have them help with the dyeing of the filters. They will love it!
  • Or, look at this cute turkey leaf craft…hopefully with the snow, you still can find some leaves! If you want to keep this year after year (or Mother Nature has covered and dampened the leaves around you), you could also purchase some decorative leaves from Amazon, like these, or head on out to a craft store nearby.
  • These little guys are so cute! There are so many ways to make Thanksgiving turkeys and these floppy turkeys will be fun for the kids to play with while the adults are in the kitchen.
  • Your adorable little pumpkins will be overjoyed to help with this project. Only four supplies for this one!

Can’t forget the Big Kids! They may like the activities above, but sometimes they like a little challenge.

  • With canning season in our midst, these lids are almost everywhere right now. There are two different ways to have fun with this pumpkin activity. You could use the rings for centerpieces and the lid ones for nametags. It’s a Thanksgiving win-win!
  • I get that not everyone is a peanut butter fan, but these little sweet treats are so cute! Set these on a saucer near each person or use them to decorate the pies! The ideas are endless!

I know, I know, the Big Kids only have two ideas, however, I’m not going to leave you in the dark. Here are some fun ideas that the whole family could do together!

  • Gratitude Pumpkin – Love this idea! This a reminder of why Thanksgiving is celebrated!
  • Pipe Cleaner Pumpkins – You can never go wrong with pipe cleaner art.
  • Tape Resistant Art Turkeys – You could even do this with the markers that can write on windows! Make sure to test it out first.
  • Leaf Jar Lanterns – This one may take a bit longer, but the warm glow to match the warmth of the Thanksgiving spirit is totally worth it!

Happy Crafting and Thanksgiving!

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

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