A Little Secret About Santa!


2020 has been a weird year… and it isn’t over yet!  One thing I always looked forward to as a kid was going to the mall to see Santa Claus.  As I got older, I couldn’t wait to share the magic of Santa with my family once I had children of my own.  So I’m sharing a secret about Santa…

Last year, I proudly brought my oldest (8 months at the time) to visit Santa.  I know my son didn’t care at the time, but I couldn’t help but look forward to when he’d be excited and anticipate his visit with Mr. Claus himself.

This year, things have been different in so many ways.  Many holiday traditions have been canceled or changed, but that doesn’t mean we have to miss out.  This is a great time to get creative, and even start NEW traditions!

Last Easter, for many of us, Covid-19 changed our plans.  I didn’t do the big Easter dinner with family, which was sad, but there was one thing we did do to celebrate.  Like with Santa, I was always excited to visit the Easter Bunny as a kid.  Although this year was my son’s 2nd Easter, his 1st was spent in the NICU.  This felt like the 1st Easter we were truly able to hold him and celebrate together.

Cue my late night shopping spree…  Thanks to my findings on Walmart.com I was able to have the Easter Bunny “quarantine” with my family this year so we could take pictures of my son with the bunny.  My husband was less than thrilled, but I needed the normalcy and magic, so the Easter Bunny thing happened, and he got over it.


Realizing my neighborhood was full of little kids who probably were also bummed about not seeing the bunny this year, I offered to coordinate a “socially distanced sighting” which, at the suggestion of my neighbor turned into a parade!  It was so refreshing to see all the smiling and happy little ones as the bunny walked by.  My husband ended up walking behind the bunny – as a body guard, of course (aka in case of wardrobe malfunctions), and after the parade, he had a change of heart about my Walmart splurge… which sure came in handy recently because…

Right as I started to see some Christmas activities being canceled or changed… my late night shopping habit came out again.  Much like the Easter Bunny did, Santa will be moving in with my family for the holidays and although we likely won’t be celebrating the holidays in the same ways I’ve envisioned over the years… we will create new memories, and 2020 will be a year to remember – in good ways too!

So, what’s the secret about Santa?  His fresh new suit (affiliate link) (and many others) can be found on Amazon!

What new traditions have your family started?

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