Training for the Ultimate Fitness Test: Child Labor {How Pure Barre helped me through a happier and healthier pregnancy}


You all have heard it. Your doctor recommending you to stay physically active during your pregnancy, right? And upon week 38, getting out of bed should count as physical activity, but Doc doesn’t agree (insert annoyed emoji face). I have always been around health and fitness; wanting to stay in shape– challenging my body to see what it can do. And then came Pure Barre. I started as a client, looking for a lower impact workout as my 22-year-old body at the time was already crippling with strenuous workouts and years of wear and tear from college athletics. I needed something different and easier on my joints and body, yet still challenging. 

Pure Barre is a total body workout utilizing a ballet barre for support and balance while performing small, isometric movements that sculpt and shape each muscle group of the body. The beauty about Pure Barre is it’s challenging and effective – you will see results – yet, extremely low impact so most everyone can do this workout no matter your age and fitness level. And it’s safe to do while pregnant! It’s perfect for expecting mothers because of its low impact nature; there is no jumping and all movements are forgiving on your joints. As your pregnancy progresses and your body changes, movements in class can be modified to fit your needs and range of motion. Hello 30 weeks and trying to tie your shoes! We get it. I’ve personally been there. Literally been there and have done that. Some days you feel GREAT and some, just the opposite. Can we talk about the importance of physical activity on your mental health for a minute? Pregnant or not, we all need time for ourselves and an outlet for stress release. Post class endorphins can help offset fatigue and be the difference in making a good day, GREAT!

So why Pure Barre? It’s safe on your body and targets the areas women struggle with the most. Thighs, seat, arms, and core – all will be strengthened and tightened in class. Every movement can be modified and all fitness levels can partake in the same class. All are welcome! Pure Barre is a 50-minute mental check-out for you and you only. Plus, it’s great for blood circulation- trying to keep moving during pregnancy is key! Too, the community of women support and motivate you; you are not in it alone. But let’s talk about a mother’s ultimate fitness test – child labor. That’s what you are really training for right? Pure Barre works on core stability with each movement in class using your “labor muscles” whether you know it at the time or not.

So, what happens after baby?

I didn’t realize the physical strength you need to do basic tasks as a mom. Holding a child on your hip while doing household chores. Getting the kids in and out of car seats and carrying the baby carrier into a store. It literally is a workout in itself. I was thankful I did put the time in before and after babies so I was physically prepared for the next chapter. And I came to find out, this chapter doesn’t end—the babies just grow larger and heavier! ☺

Pure Barre has strengthened my body and my mind to take on motherhood. No lie and no shame, I am in the best shape of my life after having two children! And not just myself, I see my clients on the daily experience the same changes and results. I encourage you to come take a class and to get up and get moving throughout pregnancy and beyond! You only get one body. Take care of it and nurture it to live a longer, healthier, and happier life.


Brooke McMillan

Owner, Pure Barre Green Bay



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Brooke is a mom of two. She married her college sweetheart, Tate while attending school at Tennessee Tech University. Passionate about health and fitness, Brooke earned her degree in Exercise Science and Physical Wellness -- her and her husband taught physical education in Savannah, Georgia before moving back home to Green Bay. Brooke opened Pure Barre Green Bay, a women's fitness studio last fall and is excited to get re-acquainted with her hometown and meet new mommas in the area. In her free time Brooke enjoys time with family at their cabin, sipping on coffee and going on long walks with her family.