Sacia Williams

Sacia is mom to two amazing children, one girl and one boy. She is married to her best friend, Ted. They have been married for 17 years this year, but have known each other for a few more. After living in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for 18 years, Sacia and her family moved to the Fox Cities area. Both she and her husband are from WI, but both attended the University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities. It was the best decision they have ever made. Sacia's family considers themselves to be a little nerdy. They all love anything Marvel or Harry Potter and of course, who can forget Pokémon and Disney. Even though they have only lived here a short time, they absolutely love the area and are so excited that the Packers are just a hop, skip and a jump from their house. Even though Sacia may have lived in Minnesota for 18 years, she claims her blood has always been Green and Gold!
Help! I'm drowning in paper feature image

Help! I’m drowning in art projects, crafts, and paper.

Now that school is over (shhhhh…I already know that supplies are already out in Target, Walmart, and other places - but I refuse to acknowledge that as an elementary school teacher who just finished...
I need my motivation back

I need my motivation back; being a mom is hard.

I need my motivation back. Being a mom is hard. Yes, we all know this, but yet it still seems to sneak up on us that our entire schedule will change. Sometimes, we need...
family reading at home

Reading at Home Doesn’t Have to be a Nightmare

You open your child’s backpack and inside they have reading homework…dun, dun, dun! You just had parent/teacher conferences and your child’s teacher said they should be reading more at home. You get it, but...