Hello! I’m a tall mom, with a tall eight year old son, a tall six year old daughter, and a tall husband. My height may be the first thing people notice when we meet, but once they get to know me they learn that I’m hopelessly optimistic, compassionate to most, and usually on-the-go. I’ve called Green Bay home for the majority of my life because of its tight-knit community, the friendliness of neighbors and much of my extended family is nearby.

OSMS to the Rescue!

What started off as a usual adult volleyball tournament ended as an unforgettable tournament for me. I’ve heard of athletes telling stories of out-of-body experiences when they’ve excelled at an athletic skill during competition, or...
autumn tradition; child holding leaves over face

Autumn Tradition

There’s not an emoji for how I am currently feeling, right this second. My family had great fun on Halloween making memories with some amazing family and friends, but as I sit at my...
kayaking with kids

Kayaking with Kids

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream...Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream; but only if you have the life jackets, sunscreen, and umbrellas packed (in that order)! Otherwise, merrily...
Outdoor jobs; Wheelbarrow full of mulch with shovel.

Outdoor Jobs for All Ages

Happy Spring! I don’t know about you, but once it’s above 48 degrees consistently, I am craving to be outside as much as I can. Seriously. I have professional rain gear that proves my...
gutter balls; woman bowling

Gutter Balls

I am going to age myself here, but I feel compelled to share another memory. When I was a kid, eight or nine years old, I was in a bowling league (at a second-hand-smoke-wafting...
martial arts; picture of kids in karate poses with different colored belts

Martial Arts to the Rescue!

Our Martial Arts journey began with a movie. While binging on old-but-great movies with my family, in the year that shall not be named, during the beginnings of a global pandemic, we watched “The...
indoor activities

Indoor Activities Without the Mess

Happy November! I realize that many of us are nearing our threshold of indoor time spent with our children (and for some, it's hard to admit). I mean, we have had muddy, rainy, windy...
Fall Recipe No Measuring Required

Fall Recipe: Dump Dessert. No Measuring Required!

I don’t know about you, but I am having a hard time accepting that it’s fall already. I can remember blustery, covid-stricken March so clearly, and April 2020 is pretty vivid, May was a...
Drive-Through Halloween

Drive-Through Halloween

My family decided to look for alternative ways to celebrate Halloween this year (you know, covid and all). A friend of mine sent me the link a couple of weeks ago to sign up...
weighted blanket

Weight of the World

I ordered a weighted blanket the other day; it’s making its way toward my front porch as I write this. It’s a gray color. The drab, dreary kind of gray...the rainy day gray that...