Cathie is a happily-married mom of 2 girls. She’s originally from the Madison area but has lived in the area for 5 years. Cathie loves reading, photography, and binge-streaming TV shows with her husband in her spare time.

40+ Easter Basket filler ideas for teens and tweens

Once our children start to transition away from younger elementary interests, it seems that finding items to fill their baskets can become a bit more of a challenge.  As I prepared to write this article,...
Amazon Gift Guide

Amazon Gift Guide – 25+ gift exchange ideas under $20

At this point, most of us have been invited to participate in a gift exchange where we are asked to bring a gift in the price range of $20 to a holiday party at...
How we handled after-school restraint collapse

How we handled after-school restraint collapse.

When my kids were in kindergarten and 1st grade, we noticed that they were completely exhausted by Thursday night during the school year - for a few years we even avoided extracurricular activities on...
Birthday Month Swag

Birthday Month Swag!

Every year at the start of my birthday month, my email fills up with birthday month wishes from my favorite retailers.  Any business where I had ever given my birthday and email is clamoring...
Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas feature image

Teacher Appreciation gift ideas for multiple teachers

Now that my older kiddo is in middle school, we have 7 teachers to shop for a Teacher Appreciation gift.  After a lot of thinking and some research, I compiled a list of 12 ways...
A life reminder from some pants feature image

A life reminder from some pants

I saw some pants 2 years ago in a group I’m part of and they were highly recommended.  They were said to be comfortable, affordable, available in a few colors, wash well, and would transition...
5 ways to simplify your life featured image

5 easy ways to simplify your life

March 3 is Simplify Your Life Day, so here are a few tips for things I have done to simplify mine.    1. Unsubscribe Unsubscribe from email lists that are no longer relevant to you.  When my children...
Echo Show 15

10 ways we use our Echo Show 15

  A few things to know about me are that I love a planner, I love lists, I love schedules and I love technology.  For the last decade or so, I was a dedicated paper planner...
Fox Valley Light Show 2022

2022 Fox Valley Light Show Tour!

It’s time again for our 2022 light show tour!  You will see that I mention most of these shows have a charity that they give to, so I suggest bringing along some cash to share...
Easy Advent Calendar feature image

Easy Advent Calendar for your family

Each year choosing advent calendars is a big decision in our home.  In years past we have done Lego, LOL, fidget, chocolate, etc, and they have always been well-liked, but I wanted to do something...