Beth Dolar grew up in south central Wisconsin and has lived in the Green Bay / De Pere area for almost 15 years. She has a Masters degree from UW-Stevens Point and is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist in own private practice – Speech Spark Services, LLC. She is married and has two spirited children who attend a local Green Bay elementary school. Diapering frustrations five years ago led her to start her own company providing diaper variety packs – Diaper Dabbler, LLC. Besides being a mother, wife, and SLP, Beth is an artist, writer, reader, feminist, very-amateur gardener, researcher, introvert, and nature-lover. (Though not necessarily in that order!!) Read Beth's Posts

Mom’s Guide to Changing the World: Make Voting a Family Activity

Whatever your beliefs, and whoever you'd like to see in power, November 6th is an opportunity not just to cast your vote, but to make it a family affair. Teach your children about the...

Music soothes…the baby’s wails

Kids grow up fast. And their tastes and experiences are always changing and evolving; they aren’t “old and set in their ways” yet.  Which means I can still experiment with their music. While I still have control of the radio and a school-day commute, I’ll take advantage of it while I can….
language skills

Explore Spring, Experience Language, Expand Minds

How often do we go through our morning routine on autopilot?  I rely on routines to get everything done. If I'm out of order, I'll likely go to grab my coffee only to discover I...

Get your Hearing Checked for Better Hearing and Speech Month

If a child can't hear clearly, they are not getting good models for clear speech sounds, and they are not picking up on all the language around them.
best diaper

Finally the answer to…. “What is the best diaper”?

Yes, absorbency determines if you have to change immediately after a pee or if it can wait until you get home from the grocery store (and if you can make it through naptime).  BUT, the best absorbency doesn’t matter if the first pee shoots right out that little gap into mom’s shirt.  

Ways to Improve your Child’s Language Skills this Autumn

If you have the words to understand and express ideas, it’s easier to explore and understand ideas about the world around you, as well as communicate more effectively in your world.
The Time Is Now What you can do to prevent dementia

The Time Is NOW: What you can do to prevent dementia

The time to take care of our health and prevent diseases, like Alzheimer's is NOW.  What, you’re too young for dementia?  Most likely, yes, you are too young to have dementia right now (no, mommy brain doesn’t count).  But what you do now can affect your chances of getting dementia when you are older.  

Are you a Master Back-to-School Shopper? Want to be?

Plenty of websites offer how to find the best deals, so I’m not talking about that today.  What I want to talk about is what to DO with all those school supplies.  There are such great deals available, if you can, buy extra.