Alexia moved to the Green Bay area to attend UWGB where she graduated with a bachelor's degree. After college she married her high school sweetheart and moved to De Pere where she and her husband are raising their two young boys. She works part time for a local logistics company, but spends most days absorbed in toddler life. When life allows it she is a voracious knitter, whipping up sweaters, skirts, hats, and everything in between. She loves the Green Bay area with all it has to offer children and adults alike!
elimination communication

Adventures in Elimination Communication. Or, Why My Baby Sits on the Toilet and my...

The gist is that like many mammals, babies are born with the ability to hold their pee and poop the same way adults do. When we put diapers on babies they loose this ability and learn to poop and pee freely into their diapers. Then they have to relearn how to hold it again later in life. However if they use this ability in the first six months of life then they can keep it and transition to using the toilet easily. Seems simple right?

The Importance of “Thank You” in my family.

What I initially thought was an unreasonable request from my husband turned out to be one of the greatest gifts to me, our marriage, and our children. It was so simple and so profound and I can't believe he needed to say it at all.