New Mom Survival Guide: 7 Tips for the First Year of Parenting


Congratulations on completing your first year of parenting! As my own daughter just turned one- I’ve been able to reflect on the challenges, joys, and learning opportunities that I’ve encountered in the last 12 months.

Here are some key things that I’ve come away with:

#1 Sleep is essential

You may have heard firsthand how important sleep is for both you and your baby. Getting enough rest has a huge part in your focus, patience, and (ahem!) mood – which can make a huge difference in your ability to handle the challenges of parenthood. Although it isn’t always helpful advice to “sleep when the baby sleeps” (maybe you should also try to “do laundry when the baby does laundry” and “clean when the baby cleans” too! Sorry, not helpful!) – you SHOULD try to prioritize your rest. Stick to a bedtime for yourself, watch afternoon caffeine intake, put the phone down, and if you are tired mid-day, make it a priority to at least sit and relax for a bit.

#2 Babies develop quickly

If you’re anything like me, you are amazed at how quickly your baby grew and changed during their first year. From barely being able to sit on their own, to crawling and walking (and quickly running after that!), to taking in and exploring the world around them – every day has brought new milestones and accomplishments. No one prepares you for the fact that once you learn how to take care of a newborn, they just as quickly become a 6-month-old. And once you learn how to take care of a 6- month-old, they become a 10-month-old! Just when you start to think that you’ve got a grip on what you’re doing, your child has the audacity to grow up and change.

#3 Routine is helpful, but don’t let it control your life

Establishing a regular routine for yourself and your baby can be incredibly helpful in managing the demands of parenthood. A consistent schedule of naps, feedings/mealtimes, and bedtime can help your baby feel more secure and help you plan your day. That being said – don’t allow your schedule to dominate your life. It’s important to still have a life outside of having a baby. It’s ok every now and then to have an inconsistent nap arrangement, a later dinner time, or a missed bath because of a social event or activity.

#4 Self-care is important

This is a topic I am particularly passionate about. Taking care of yourself is essential for your own well-being and helps you be a better parent. Taking time for exercise, hobbies, and other activities you enjoy can help you feel more balanced and energized. And let me tell you, this extends to so much more than bubble baths, face masks, and “mommy wine” culture. Boring self-care (like making sure you’re eating breakfast, changing the bedsheets, or cleaning out the refrigerator) matters too.

#5 Parenting takes a village

Whether you’re co-parenting with a partner, relying on family and friends for support, or seeking guidance from parenting groups or resources, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to do this alone. Building a support network can help you feel more confident and capable as a parent.

#6 Every baby is different

While there are many common experiences and challenges when it comes to parenting, every baby is unique. What may work for one family or child, might not work for the next. Take suggestions from well-meaning loved ones (even me!) with a grain of salt. It’s important to stay open-minded and flexible as you navigate your own parenting journey. Do what works best for your child and your family.

#7 Patience and self-regulation is key

I have learned that patience is one of the most valuable things I can cultivate for myself as a parent. From dealing with fussy newborns who want to cluster feed for HOURS, to navigating clingy infants who want to move and explore the world so badly but just can’t yet, to pushing boundaries (did anyone else need to fence off their Christmas tree this year?) – it’s important to stay calm, compassionate, and patient as you help your child grow and develop.

Overall, the first year of parenting has been filled with immense joy, excitement, beauty, wonder, and, ok, maybe a few tears along the way. It’s a year that I look back on and know that so much growth and learning happened. By staying open to new experiences, building your village, prioritizing your self-care, and rolling with the punches from time to time, you can help ensure that you and your baby will continue to thrive in the years ahead. And remember, I’m right there in the trenches with you.

We got this!

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Katie Knapp
Meet Katie, a dedicated mom and avid writer who is passionate about sharing her experiences and insights with other parents. With her warm and engaging writing style, Katie has built a loyal following of readers in her professional career who turn to her for advice, support, and inspiration. As the Communication Coordinator for a local Green Bay nonprofit, she is passionate about improving the community she calls home. Katie has been married to her loving husband Mike for 5 years and together they are raising their beautiful 1 year old daughter and their furry companion, Remi. As a mom, Katie knows firsthand the challenges and joys of parenthood, and she is always eager to share her insights and tips with other moms. When she's not busy with her family, you'll likely find Katie with a Dunkin iced coffee in her hand and burning no less than 7 candles in her home at once (a decrease since she became a mom!). Katie also loves to get outside and get in the garden! She believes that self-care is an essential part of being a good mom, and she encourages other moms to take time for themselves as well. Overall, Katie is a passionate and dedicated mom, wife, and friend who is committed to supporting and empowering other parents. Whether she's sharing her own experiences or connecting with other moms online, Katie is always there to lend a helping hand and spread positivity wherever she goes. You're always welcome to pull up a chair and stay awhile.


  1. Love this! Thinking you “figured it out” to then have it all change is sooo true. I had to remind myself not to compare my baby and trust they will grow and develop on their own time! Loved reading this.

  2. Very nicely put. ENJOY the ride making sure to take care of Yourself makes for a very happy baby and daddy.

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